Amazon Might Have Just Leaked The New Kindle And Kindle Fire In An Ad

Amazon Might Have Just Leaked The New Kindle And Kindle Fire In An Ad

Amazon’s big gala fast approaching and we’re expecting a lot of new products: a Kindle Fire, new Kindles with frontlit displays and maybe even a surprise phone. You can see two of them right now. During a Giants vs Cowboys NFL game aired today in the US, Amazon unveiled a brand new ad that shows off never before seen devices. Devices which are very probably the new Kindle and possibly the new Kindle Fire.

If you look at the image above, that is very obviously a Kindle with an e-ink screen. But unlike the greyish silver Kindles that Amazon currently sells (Touch or not), this Kindle has a black bezel. There also doesn’t seem to be a ‘home’ button on this leaked Kindle, it’s been replaced with the Kindle logo. And if all this sounds familiar — black bezel, no home button — it’s because we’ve already seen an image of it leaked before as the Kindle with Paperwhite display. Amazon leaked its own device the day before its announcement with its own commercial. It looks fantastic.

As for the other device in the video, it looks very much like a Kindle Fire. Hell, it looks a lot like the Kindle Fire we already know but with a maybe, slightly different aspect ratio. We could be looking too deeply into this one ad but since it looks like Amazon already leaked its Kindle with Paperwhite display in the commercial, it makes sense for Amazon to put a new Kindle Fire in it as well, right? Check out these screencaps for yourself:

Here's the ad from TechRCcrp's YouTube:

And another look of the ad, via The Verge:

We'll find out for sure at 5pm AEST but it looks like Amazon already spoiled (in a good way!) its own unveiling party.