Amazing, Giant Nature Posters To Adorn Your Bare Walls

The amazing lifeforms that inhabit our planet are art in and of themselves. Often pictures of these wonderful living creatures and organisms speak for themselves -- a little goes a long way, which makes artist Debbie Carlos's simple black and white posters so lovely.

Plus they're huge and affordable. When you move and you have spent all your money just getting into a new place, then you're just there with two pieces of furniture and bare walls, cheap art is a godsend.

This 24x36-inch print of Jellyfish was printed with a plotter, which is a giant printer ordinarily used for architectural and engineering prints. Take notice, broke decorators. [2Modern]



    Cheap art on a madly expensive plotter which, as you can tell even in the image to the left, comes out pretty poor. Plotters are not very good at solid color. Better than a blank wall I guess. Maybe

    yeah the quality seemed like it was from a printer running low on ink. i wouldn't pay for that :\

    I fixed up a plotter that heated up wax to print at one of my old jobs. God I wish it was mine, absolute best pictures I've seen. Perfect for printing art.

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