All Circuit Boards Should Be This Pretty

Though it might look a lot like your typical circuit board on first glance, this board designed by Yuri Suzuki actually hides the London Underground Map in plain sight. As you look closer, you'll see all the resistors and components matching up to re-create the London Tube.

Designed by Yuri Suzuki, the engineering was done by Masahiko Shindo (Shindo Denki Sekkei) and it's all strategically placed to work. According to DesignBoom:

By strategically positioning certain speaker, resistor and battery components throughout the map, users can visually understand the complex networks associated with electricity and how power is generated within a radio.

I think all circuit boards should hide a map of something. Even if it's completely useless, it looks fantastic. [Yuri Suzuki via Design Boom]

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