Adorable Slicing Scooter Cuts Pizzas Faster

Even though pizza is actually Greek in origin, it's usually associated with Italy. That's precisely what makes this adorable Vespa-styled Motorino pizza cutter particularly apropos.

Its design isn't just a gimmick though. With a pair of pizza wheels you should be able to slice through your pie in half the time, and a built-in working kickstand ensures it's not going to topple over on your counter when parked. It's just $US8 too, so what other reason do you need to add this to your drawer full of other rarely used kitchen contraptions?

[Amazon via 7Gadgets]



    Pizza wheels, even in vespa scooter style, just push the toppings off. Rocker knifes are so much better.

    Is pizza really of Greek origin? It sounds a bit like a line from "My Big Fat Greek Wedding" to me :)

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