$6000 Bulletproof Attaché Keeps Documents Safer Than They Need To Be

Let's say you've got some really important documents — like the meaning of life scrawled on a napkin, or a viable method of time travel in the margins of a newspaper — and someone really wants to shoot them for some reason with a gun. You had better hope those documents are in the Tegra-Lite Bulletproof Attaché.

Pretty much everything about the case is over the top. Its body is made out of 65 layers of a polypropylene thermoplastic composite, it costs a whopping $US5995, and only 28 are being made. At least someone realised the demand probably won't be too high. As you might expect from an attaché that caters to the spy-minded, it also has a false bottom and a handcuff ring.

It also has a spot for your iPad, and it weighs 5.4kg so you can use it to fend off melee attackers. The best defence against bullets is to not be shot at in the first place, but a bulletproof attaché might be a close second. Gotta keep all your precious crayon doodlings safe somehow, right? [Tumi via WSJ, bookofjoe]

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