YouTube Is Trying To Organise Its Videos By 'Vibe' Whatever That Means

YouTube is a great place to go and find a specific video, but YouTube wants more from you. YouTube wants you to get trapped and bounce from video to video to video forever, and the new feature it's testing aims to do exactly that.

Called the "Moodwall" this unusual interface is starting to pop up for users here and there, and attempts to herd different videos into different "vibes" which appear to be something along the lines of "channels based on general 'feel'". The master plan, of course, is get viewer who come to YouTube for videos of "cats" to start coming for videos of "happy".

It's only rolling out as a test, for the moment, but reviews haven't quite been positive. There are a whole lot of people on the Google Product Forums asking "how do I make this go away?" with varying degrees of panic. Who's really looking for a list of "catchy" videos, anyway? Nevertheless, YouTube is unlikely to stop its attempts to dabble in content curation anytime soon. Get ready to run face-first into a Moodwall. [The Guardian via The Verge]


    So it's just Tags, with an different name.

    Did anyone else think of that quintessential Australian movie 'The Castle' when they read this?

    This appeared for me starting yesterday. It is atrocious, I always enjoyed looking at the most viewed video lists, but now it appears I can no longer do that....

    This comment has been deemed inappropriate and has been deleted.

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