You Won't Believe What This GoPro Camera Captured Underwater

You're going to watch this video and your jaw will drop. In fact, you'll probably think it's fake. Or CGI, at least. But nope, it's completely real. A group of guys went fishing and dropped a GoPro Hero 2 camera inside a custom-made torpedo to record the ocean underneath them. What the camera recorded was the most amazing footage of dolphins you'll ever see.

The underwater footage is just unbelievably beautiful, a pod of Pacific White-Sided dolphins -- so many I couldn't even count them -- started swimming with the boat, looking happy and excited and just freaking awesome, like they knew the camera was there. The guys were near Santa Cruz, California when this happened and it just shows how the ocean is a beautiful place. [Vimeo via Kottke]


    The dolphins are identical that's the giveaway.

      you mustn't have been good at spot the difference in primary school

      Funny how the same species look alike... The scaring tells a different story, they aren't identical.

      I wouldn't say countless though...

      Have a good look at the scars on the sides of the heads and tails.

      Mate if this is fake that would make it even more impressive. Awesome stuff.

      You can also tell by the pixels.
      ... if you've seen a shop or two ;)

        Yeah. Edges/border around the dolphins are too well defined.

    Well Hugewick (bet you copped a bit of stick for that surname at school), whether the film is CGi or real is debatable, it's very, very hard to tell and sometimes it looks real and other times fake - but what the hell do I know? I've never dragged a camera under the water behind a fishing boat so I don't have a reference point. Have you? But when you say the dolphins are all identical - I have no idea what film you watched because they all had different snout/head and jaw markings and all of them had different mouths and eyes. Maybe you should watch it again...hmmm?

      This is clearly fake and not even impressive, can't believe this article is on here. Looks like cgi from 5 years ago!

    This comment has been deemed inappropriate and has been deleted.

    I'm sorry but those are definitely fake dolphins.

    Curious, intelligent, magical ...

    ... hungry and after a free feed.

    is that a whale in the background at around 2:14???

      A cloud of bubbles

    This is a joke right? This is so obviously fake. THEY ARE CLEARLY CGI.

      No they're not. It's just that the underwater lighting conditions and shallow depth of field of the camera fool you. The dolphins near the camera are very well lit and the DOF of the cheap camera flattens the scene, while the water the the background looks flat and dense, giving the illusion of animated CGI dolphins that've been badly inserted onto a flat background.
      But it's all because of a cheap camera.

        lmao ozoneocean, this is fake, accept that you are wrong.

          You've not done much filming, 3D work or graphic design have you?

    that is fake as shit...

    this happened when that bird man video came out, that thing stood out like dogs balls and everyone wanted to believe it too.

    The dolphins, and possibly the whole scene are CGI (light on the surface of the water looks off to me). The animation and texturing don't seem particularly good to me.

    I don't really understand what makes dolphins magical to people. They're mammals adapted to look like fish...? Now seals... seals are special. :)
    This is a lucky instance. Good on them for showing it so widely.

      Nah, no reflections from the sunlight breaking through the water. Also looks very fake.

        There is no sunlight. It is a very overcast day.

    On the one hand, everyone goes all 'ooh...aah' about videos and pictures of dolphins. On the other. you can see one of the crew battering a caught fish to death. I'e never understood this about people who eat seafood. Ditto for people who eat land animals. Are some fish/animals lesser beings than others and hence to be butchered and eaten? Have a heart people. Stop all the killing. Go veg (or vegan, if you can)!!!

      Alternatively, be less picky and eat ALL the animals.

      How can you find out if someone you have just met is a vegan? You don't need to, they've already told you.

      Well, yes actually. Not all animals are created equally. I don't think plankton mourn for their lost brothers or feel pain when a whale slurps them down.

      I would be surprised if a fish experiences suffering in the same way as a mammal.

        I can't see why fish wouldn't experience suffering the same way any mammal does. There is no logical reason they'd be adapted not to. We just choose to ignore it because they're more alien to us and we like to eat them. They're so tasty!

      I was going to make this exact point! We see a man viciously beat a fish and leave it flopping around on the deck, still alive. If that happened to a puppy, people would be outraged. The double standard is shameful.

        Then we see docos of lions tearing the throats out of baby gazelles. For shame, lions, for shame.

    As a couple have already pointed out; CGI.
    2:08 shows mesh clipping with a fin on another dolphin.
    Then all through-out with closeups of the dolphins, you can notice low res geometry detail on the flippers and dorsal fins.
    They could have really sold this if they just tessellated their meshes; rookie mistake.
    Plus they could have made like 6 textures... Take the 1 texture they obviously used, changed the blue and gray hues a little, add different scarring locations (if any), mix up the colour patterns.
    Then add in a bump or if you want to go that extra bit, CSM the scars and other features.

    I can't even say I am impressed by the work. That level of detail you can get in games now a days.

      I think there's some confusing with the relative low resolution and water/light turbulence with our sense of mistrust of Video footage these days. The artifact at 2:08 is simply an overlapping fin with different light intensity. This is not a fake and I think we are getting to the point now where people are too quickly willing to call someone a liar rather than accept that it is real.


      They could have really sold this if they just tessellated their meshes; rookie mistake

      Dude, please bookmark this page and come read your own comment in a few months' time. Hilarious.

    Clearly, it's computer generated guitar music

    You can see them plotting against us.

    We have to start eating them before they come to eat our children!!

    They just know there's a camera pointing at them, narcissistic fishies!

    I'm going to call CGI on this. There are no flashes of light that are meant to form on the dolphins as a result of the light passing through waves on the surface. A real video would look something like this.

    Not a set of matt-coloured dolphins all swimming peculiarly.

      Notice that water only makes that sort of reflection in hard light. Notice that they are fishing on an overcast day (soft light).

    Real as far as I am concerned. Really nice footage and I would rather spend 10 minutes watching and enjoying it rather than looking for a stray pixel.

      haha I agree

      Agree. This is real.

      The tonal differences as they swim around and over each other is just too good for some crappy CGI. I've done underwater filming and there's definitely a different hue to the final images. Especially if you don't have a specific underwater camera/setting.

    Wow... pod of dolphins following a boat. I just got Diaz'd

    CGI really?
    this is amazing footage ever
    and is it real.

    Looks pretty fake to me.

    Fake or not, I didn't think the video was really that exciting at all.

    Fake, not once did the dolphins surfaced for air. And if they did I'm pretty sure the camera from the top of the boat would've captured it. And the people fishing would've seen it

      If I could hold my breath for 10 minutes then I wouldn't bother coming up for air, either.

    Lol, even my gf that pays no attention to technology, or anything like that, even said it was fake. It is pretty poor...

    OK im sorry but this is hilarious. People its real video. Stop being "experts" and making yourselves look like idiots.

    Oh and if your asking yes I am an expert - I have been in the 3D and VFX industry over 15 years and can't begin to explain what a feat it would be to attempt this in CG. Go away - learn about photogrammetry, optics, simulation, animation and participating media and then we will see what you think.

    heck even better - go away and do it for your self - and you'll see if CGI like this was to be created it would be closer to standing ovation that "piss poor". Lol.

    PS. Warp maybe because your girlfriend pays no attention to technology maybe both you and her should conserve your judgement to something you actually have any idea about.

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