Wustof's New Knife Collection Could Be A Sharp Deal

The one kitchen utensil or gadget that most people need is probably a nice chef's knife. If you don't have one, Wustof's new six-piece knife set is worth a look.

The Precision Knife Collection has slanted bolsters that give it a slightly different look than other blades from the German company. And it's not a bad deal: $US500 for a 3.5-inch paring knife, 8-inch chef's, 9-inch bread, honing steel, kitchen sheers and storage block. Considering you can spend almost that much on just one blade, that's pretty good investment for a set that will last you for years and years. Once you've sliced, minced and diced with knives like these, you'll never look back. [Gear Patrol]


    $500 for 3 knives a sharpener and sheers? Get real. We normal people will be happy to spend $80 at Big W or Kmart. We can buy a few bottles of Jack with the balance.

      Your big w knives will be blunt within 6months. As the writer pointed out a good cooks knife can do most tasks with ease but a decent one can cost hundreds so a pack from a well established branch like wustof is actually great value. Think about the long term this package will literally last 20years+. I for one would consider buying.

      It's a honing steel, which is to say it does NOT sharpen knives, it hones (straightens) the edge. You need a sharpening wheel you actually sharpen a blade. A good butcher will typically do it for you for free.

        yet a butchers knife will typically go blunt faster than one sharpened by a chef

      you're right Greg, and to be honest really all you need is a good quality chefs knife and something to sharpen it on, I personally think that cheap bread knives are almost as good as the expensive ones, just spend $100-150 on a good chefs knife and you're good to go.

    Rarely do I get to say. "Too fat, too heavy and not as good as the Japanese". Love Ze Germans but Shun for balance and sharpness. You think $500 is expensive Greg? Try some of the Japanese knives.

      Have to agree there, my Shuns are phenomenal, worth every penny...

    I've had a set of Wustof Tridents for 25 years. They can still shave the hair from the back of my wrist after a hone and a swipe of the steel. You do need to learn how to maintain them though! A life time investment. My grand kids will be using these knives!

      I just bought a 3 piece Ran set, gotta love the japanese

    I own a set of Furi knives. Set me back about the same but for 2 more knives. You get what you pay for. lol @ the "I'll buy em' from Big W" comment. I bought my set about 7 years ago and I use them almost every day. I haven't had to have them re-sharpened yet and they are just as sharp as the day I bought them. Was considering upgrading to a set of Wustof or Mundial soon as well, seems like now's a good time.

    An electronic sharpener doesn't go astray, can pick one up for $75. Not scalpel quality sharp but it'll do the job nicely.

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