Wolfram Cat Breeds Reference App: You Can Haz Cat Factz

Wolfram Cat Breeds Reference App: You Can Haz Cat Factz

The internet has done a lot for the rise of cats. With the deluge of feline videos and gifs, you’d think the four-legged furballs actually ran the world wide web. But what are cats really like? Answer all your burning questions with Wolfram Alpha’s Cat Breeds Reference App for iOS.

What does it do?

The app gives you every piece of information you could ever conceivably want to know about cats and then some. From breed descriptions to history to grooming requirements, all that data is there thanks to Wolfram’s supercharged semantic search power.

Why do we like it?

Maybe you’re wondering what type of kitty you should buy. Or perhaps you’re collecting research that supports your theory that all cats should be exterminated. You find out why the Sphinx has no hair and is totally creepy and why keyboard cat plays them off, and why are cat bites so crippling. Whether you’re looking to cop a kitty of your own or you’re just an all-around cat entusiast, this easy to use reference app has all the information, however obscure.

Wolfram Cat Breeds Reference App

Download this app for: iOS (free)
The best: answers questions about the internet’s favourite animal
The worst: not for dog lovers