Win! One Of 15 Double Passes To See Total Recall

Total Recall is back this week -- again loosely-based on Philip K. Dick's seminal short story We Can Remember It For You Wholesale. Starring Colin Farrell, Bryan Cranston, Kate Beckinsale and Jessica Biel, this future definitely shakes things up a bit. Post-Third World War Earth is divided into two territories: the United Federation of Britain and The Colony (formerly good old Australia). Keen to visit New Asia? Gizmodo has 15 double passes to give away...

For your chance to win: simply watch the trailer above and tell us in the comments (in about 50 words or less) what your Rekall virtual vacation would be.

What would be your ultimate holiday memory implant?

Good luck and don't forget to watch the movie at Event Cinemas VMAX for the best action!

Entries close 4pm (AEST) this Wednesday 22nd. Giz editors will judge entries right after. Full terms and conditions here.


    I'll take an implant that convinces me that Kate Beckinsale and Jessica Biel talented actresses.

    Heading out to the Kimberley's WA and relaxing in the outback

    My Ultimate implant would be working at Gizmodo....

    Being a crew member of firefly...for all episodes...tweaking the ending so I end up with River though :)

    A James Bond adventure Vacasion. Girls, Parties, Fast Cars, Nice Boats, Nice Jets, Tropical and no requirement to follow rhe rules. Now make it happen :)

    Ultimate virtual vacation would have to be some kind of ‘last of us’ or ‘I am legend’ (sans-Will Smith) scenario. Post-apocalyptic, action-adventure, maybe a young Ellen Page type in-tow. For company, of course. Sounds alright.

    I'd like to have a vacation like being a couple week old baby. To feel the world for the first time, but having understanding of what is going on. Just to know better my new born child and understand her needs and reactions. And to have unique memories of times that everyone had, but nobody knows)))

    My ultimate holiday memory implant would be visiting a planet previously unvisited by any human beings.

    This might sound corny, but Confidence Land! My memory would involve a tropical island resort where at first everything is new and frightening. But over time I learn more about the island, why everyone is there, have insightful conversations about myself and others and then a few weeks later leave the island a completely different person, at peace and relaxed. One day psychiatrists might prescribe memories like this, I would think.

    My ideal holiday memory implant would be for my wife to not remember what I did on our first holiday together so that it doesn't come up every time we have a blue.

    My ultimate Rekall holiday memory implant would be a night out with Arnold Schwarzenegger and Colin Farrell.

    My ultimate vacation memory would be to join the lone wolf pack in the hangover movie

    You'd remember it yeah? I think mine would be some sort of Kung-fu inspired pilgrimage to deep Asia, and then learn to master the oldest forms of hand to hand combat.
    Because as gruelling as it would be, I'd come out of it with some amazing memories, and the ability to have my hands legally declared as lethal weapons.

    I would take a holiday back to when The Colonel developed his 11 secret herbs & spices and take note of what they are. This information may or may not become useful when I return from said holiday. ;)

    My dream vacation would be to travel to Atlantic and search for the entrance to the hollow earth, a mystical land 300 miles below our crust with a civilisation so advanced we seem like Neanderthals - and I would explore

    My total recall holiday would be a race around Bowser's Castle from Mario Kart Wii, where you can drive through the castle trying not to fall into lava. :Dream Holidy.

    my Recall would be to go to a world were Diablo 3 worked out.

    My ultimate holiday memory implant would be in a place where money didn't exist and everyone was happy. Beaches, sun, food and beer galore...

    I would embark on a journey to circumnavigate all habitable regions ofthe earth, accompanied by an everylasting supply of film and my M3 and M7 cameras, documenting all the beautiful things in the world. Money will not exist, and everyone will be hospitable and friendly.

    I would stop being so selfish and take that charming young lady up on her offer; with my stunning new fully articulate third arm and hand combo. Then I wouldn't need to wish anymore. #livingthedream.

    Mine would be the world population replaced by android copies that follow the first 2 laws of robotics.

    My ultimate holiday... ends here. The last ~25 years were all a dream, I'm my younger self now armed with the power of extreme foresight.

    Travel around the world looking at sights and culture.... transportation...on land via the batpod, by air via "the bat" :)

    I was going to write something amazing and exciting but screw it, I'd just browse reddit all day like the bum I am.

    My ultimate implant would be to have taken a ride on Curiosity on its voyage, decent and landing on Mars!

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