Will.i.am To Premiere Song On Mars

This isn't even a joke! Serious musician will.i.am is premiering a new song tomorrow — on Mars. The name of said song will be broadcast through the Curiosity rover. And, I kid you not, it's called "Reach for the Stars."

Let's be realistic; it's no "Don't Phunk with My Heart", and it might not match the lyrical elegance of "I gotta feeling / that tonight's gonna be a good night". But it has something to do with "the singer's passion for science, technology and space exploration" and also education through will.i.am's i.am.angel Foundation. I bet you this song has a line in it that says something to the effect of "shoot for the moon. Even if you miss you'll land among the stars." [NASA via SlashGear via The Verge]

Image:Featureflash / Shutterstock.com

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    This is silly... really really really silly

    This comment has been deemed inappropriate and has been deleted.

    I'd say it's a safe bet the song will be pinged to the rover and back. NASA didn't have any reason to build an actual speaker into Curiosity. The only sounds on Mars will be wind and the sound of Curiosity's wheels.

    Also, 'serious musician' - HAH

    But does auto tune actually work in tue atmosphere of Mars??

    *Seriously, "musician" will.i.am....

    Anything NASA can do to get moar funding... at this point I don't think even Curiosity will buy them a bigger budget from the frakin moronic US government.

    No speaker on the rover? NO SPEAKER ON THE ROVER? How are we supposed to ask "Take me to your leader" without a speaker? Stoopid engineers, never thought of that did you?

    So, another popstar trying to stay relevant. The less media this autotuner gets the better.

    Has anyone considered the possibility that playing this bullshit, unprovoked, to an unsuspecting potential audience might spark interplanetary war?

    Didn't realise NASA sent just an oversized bluetooth speaker to Mars!!

    But seriously, why?

    God no... Armstrong is already rolling in his grave!

    To all you people who are hating on this you should really look into Will.I.Am's background. You will find he is a HUGE fan of science, engineering and math. He has charities setup specifically to teach the younger generation about these disciplines. He also promotes them heavily through his medium because he has so much exposure.

    How many millions of dollar and awareness are you raising about science why you insult someone who is helping the human race. Also rather than condemning him why don't you show some intelligence and get the facts first and then present an argument.


      If you like his music or not is no reason to blindly hate on the man. It shows more about yourself then it does him.

      I personally like some of his music. Hey I'm in his target age demographic. But I also like a wide range of music. Personally I would love to rover to play some ACDC :)

      Just because someone throws money at something they're interested in doesn't mean they're free from ridicule when they decide to do something as stupid as premiere a song on a machine without speakers.

      Also I doubt his contribution to raise scientific awareness outweighs the negative effects he's made to the human race through his participation in the destruction of an artform. Most of these comments have been about the rover not having a speaker and the whole exercise seemingly being about trying to attach his name to this historic moment despite his absolute lack of involvement, valid arguments, valid facts.

      Honestly if you think this is about anything other than publicity for himself and his new "single", you're looking at it from the wrong perspective.

        It's YOUR opinion he has destroyed an art form. It is not fact. All forms of art are purely subjective, just because his style of music is not to your liking does not mean he has had any negative effects to the human race. By that logic anything I don't like or agree with is negatively affecting the human race. So with that in mind

        Death to the following things
        Country Music
        Reality TV
        Red heads
        Unhealthy people

        I could go on. But all those groups have had a negative affect on the human race and have nothing they do can change that.

        I'm glad I now see the world like you. It's such a marvellous place when now :) *internet does not convey sarcasm, but this sentence should be read that way

          Didn't someone invent the "sarcastrophe"?

          It is MY opinion, and one that is obviously wasted on someone like you who thinks that jazz was anything but the most important genre of music. Without it there wouldn't be modern music and we wouldn't be having this discussion. To be honest though I think the industry killed the art form a while ago, people like the black eyed peas are just dancing (and getting you to dance) on it's grave.

          Also, you don't like peas? they're so yummy and fun!

          P.S. It's pretty rich to assume i'm a pessimist because I don't like someone's exploitation of the music industry. I love music! I just hate seeing people rape it's corpse for money.

    Wow!!! Last week they landed a camera on Mars, this week they played a song there as well.....................$2.5 Billion well spent I'd say..........NASA: America's welfare programe for the elite of society. One fecking sick, sorry and expensive joke and waste of money.

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