Will Apple Update Its Entire iOS Lineup?

At this point, Apple is widely expected to swap the iPhone's long-standing 30-pin dock connector with something a lot smaller. But what about the rest of Apple's iOS product lineup? Hell, what about the iPod Nano? According to iMore, all of Apple's iOS products will get updated to include the new dock adaptor.

That means every iOS device — from the upcoming iPhone 5 to the fabled 7-inch iPad Mini and even the current iPad 3 will sport the new adaptor later this year. Even the iPod Nano and iPod Touch, according to iMore's sources, are expected to be revamped to include the smaller port. Does this make sense? Jumping the update cycle of the iPad by only adding in a smaller dock connector would be an odd move, but it would keep the iOS product line consistent. A quick death for the 30-pin is probably the best thing. [iMore]


    Doesn't make sense to change the iPad mid-cycle. The rest I can understand.

    Make sense to swap ASAP. Sooner they stop making 30pin device sooner they can stop making 30pin accessories etc. i doubt they want to be in a position where they are making both for long.

    Considering that the iPad is really just a bigger iPhone, it makes sense to bring it in line with the iPhone. The designs will be the same as they move forward instead of having two different tech specs and two different this and that.

    EU has stated that they want all Mobile phones (I would believe it includes other devices too) to start using a universal charger, Mini USB so again, it makes sense. As Chris said, the sooner they do it the better because they won't be caught out later

    I've just been notified by a supplier that they intend on releasing iPods, IPhone, and iPad mini.

      [Citation Needed]

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