Wikileaks Getting Pummeled By Unknown Enemy

Wikileaks, the internet's top platform for exposing secrets of all varieties, is reporting that it's been under serious attack for the better part of a week. This extended distributed-denial-of-service (DDoS) is still coming in strong, and has brought the site to its knees.

The DDoS traffic, which has reportedly been coming in at a rate of 10 gigabits per second, has effectively crippled the site, and raised all sorts of questions as to who might be behind it. While Wikileaks has no shortage of enemies, it recently published a number of classified US documents detailing what may be a huge, secret surveillance project.

Conveninetly enough, the DDoS attack has rendered the documents in question largely unavailable, a fact you can attribute to either coincidence or conspiracy depending on the way your mind works.

Wikileaks is no stranger to being attacked, but reports that in this case, they're facing a bit more firepower than they have before. The site is down at the moment, but has proven to be quite resilient in the past. It'd take a whole hell of a lot to take Wikileaks down for good, but that might just be what someone is trying to do. [PhysOrg]



    Isn't it obvious? Wikileaks reveals all the dirty secrets of government/corporate control. Who else would care to disable Wikileaks over than our so called "leaders"? There's a reason why so many companies and government agencies have been desperately trying to suppress the internet, because it contains the painful truth.

    A corrupt ruler's sworn enemy is the truth, once the population understand this, the rulers can no longer keep their power.

    Yeah im gonna say it good old United states of Emerica

      That's it, your going down as well .

        China is coming for you mate :)

    Who has the ability to do an attack of this magnitude and not raise flags other then the US.

      Any twelve year old with a credit card can do this. I had a server in Australia that was hit by a 6Gbit DDoS, and that was only so small because the international link isn't capable of transferring any faster.

      For example, there still exists a hack that tricks all Call Of Duty 4 servers currently online (still thousands) into all sending client lists to a single IP repeatedly. And that's a gigantic attack.

      So yes, the US has the capability. So do I. So does anyone else with a credit card and an internet connection.

    Whoever it is has my support.

      Your comment is bad, you are bad and you should feel bad.

      Me too. If some slimy arrogant git was stealing and sharing my private conversations with the world I'd bring them to their knees too. And beat the hell out of them. The government has the right to privacy. Anyone who thinks the world would be able to operate with complete transparency between world governments is incredibly naive.


      It's ok, you're Emerican, you're not supposed to know how to spell.

    WoW the USA are really world thugs and are attacking WL Site, well who would have every ! LoL While the Western world condemns transparent dictatorships in the Middle East it continues to build hidden Socialist polices. We don't here anymore about the Great Australian Firewall? That's because Government Policy is trying to make everybody use the NBN with comes with the Great Australian Firewall by default! So which is the greatest threat, Then evil you can see or the evil you can't see?

      nbn is layer 2 - surveillance happens at layer 3 and above. besides its already implemented. I've seen it. if the Feds wanna intercept you there is very little stopping them as it is now.

        Smartphones have GPS, tablets too, most of your devices seen as convenient can tell anyone where you are at any moment, can be enabled to take pictures for anyone anywhere with the ability to do so. (Read your terms and conditions O_O )

        The NBN comes with the firewall by default?????? I guess I'm sticking with cable hey?

    thats my men at work

      Lol, at least get his name right :D

        I think Barack Obamo would know how to spell his own name thank you very much

    +3 for Merica Government, the big jerks.

    Couldn't Wikileaks just say they've been under attack to paint the US government in a more 'evil' light and show how much they don't want the data out there?

    i read it was antileaks who took credit

    All I say: ask demonoid.

    if its the US of A, wouldnt they have done this in the first place.. you know when they started leaking data ages ago?

      First, destroy credibility.
      Then, wait a while til they're no longer as popular as they once were.
      Then, bring them down.

      If you tackle them at their height of popularity you make them martyrs. Now? You make them just another website taken down.

      It takes time to develop a weapon capable of 10gbs in traffic.

      wikileaks should move to releasing data as torrents, you can't take down p2p files

    If you expose the flaws then do not expose yourself!!!

    Remember a chap named Albino Luciani (John Paul)...

    "Truth hurts the guilty!"

    Whats new, this type of behavior has been happening for generations, with the advent of the internet
    people are becoming aware of Governments, Financial Institution and the Banking System, we are pawns
    in a giant game of Chess, we the people are being manipulated and used by the 1% of this World and they
    use Governments to do their bidding. The Chinese came out of the Closet 20 years ago because of the internet, the Chinese Government only fear is its people, in time it will be our turn.

    Its all a bunch of BS , wiki leaks and the America . Its all crap that's spun to get the masses looking in one direction so they can pull the rabbit out of the hat .
    The problem is us we are so consumed in our selves and our personal lives e.g Facebook twitter all about me me me ..... that we don't get together to take action against this sort of thing .

    Who persuaded all the major financial institutions to block funds to WikiLeaks, an absolutely unprecedented, and illegal, move? Who locked up Bradley Manning with charge or trial? Who is secretly negotiating with Sweden to have Julian Assange delivered to them?

    Ddos is a momentary event and once the barrage is over, the documents will still be there. If some entity wanted the documents gone, they would be gone.

    The leading light of the Western world is behind this.....God help us. Not THEIR bloody god though.
    They stir crap all over the world and do they scream when some of that crap hits them in the face.
    I'm with Wikileaks and Kim Dotcom and all the others shafted by morally bankrupt USA.

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