Why Twitter Wanting To Kill All Third Party Twitter Apps Is Ridiculous

In a classic case of forgetting where you came from, Twitter is suffocating third party Twitter apps until they die so the only Twitter people know is from Twitter, Inc. itself. This sucks for many reasons -- mostly because Twitter apps suck compared to third party apps -- but also because of this: the Twitter we know today wouldn't exist without the help of the third party apps Twitter is trying to kill.

For example, did you know tweet wasn't a word created by Twitter but by third parties?

Craig Hockenberry of Twitterific listed the reasons of why third parties are important to Twitter a year ago and it's truer than ever today:

  • First use of "tweet" to describe an update (see page 86 of Dom Sagolla's book.)
  • First use of a bird icon.
  • First native client on Macintosh.
  • First character counter as you type.
  • First to support replies and conversations (in collaboration with Twitter engineering.)
  • First native client on iPhone.

A community helps Twitter grow and succeed and once Twitter becomes big and successful it turns its back on the community. Stay classy Twitter. [Furbo via Daring Fireball]



    It's what happens with success. You forget where you came from, then you piss on everyone you stepped over to get to the top...

      Thats capitalism yo, dont like it? Stop being such a socialist commie

      That would be the reply of a true american company as usual

        True capitalism, as opposed to trying to get richer by whatever immoral means possible, is where the company cares about its employees, its shareholders, and the community equally.

      You forget where you came from because their part has been played, and they're no longer useful. See also: Apple discarding Google Maps. True capitalism is the capitalism we see in effect, and it is this.

    How exactly is twitter edging out third party apps? Can you please include the actual grounds to this article, in the actual article?

      ^^ THAT.

        Yes, clicking the "Twitter" tag below the article is oh so difficult! Why isn't everything just presented to me on a platter like Mummy's milk laden breasts used to be? Gosh do I miss Mummy. I miss her so.

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