Why I Hate Facebook

When I joined Facebook, it was addictive. I loved being on there, posting photos, exploring the profiles of my friends and liking things like a bandit. Now that the social network is getting a bit long in the teeth, it's become the most annoying place in the world.

Take a look at the above image. When I logged onto Facebook this morning, that's what I was greeted with. That's not a News Feed. It's a junk mail inbox ready to explode from bullshit.

I don't care who plays what. I don't care who you beat and I don't know them. I don't care whose photo or status you commented on and why even is it in my News Feed if I don't know them. I don't care who saved 50 cents on their coffee in the morning or who got a 2-for-1 pass to the cross-stitch fair coming up this weekend. Kindly GTFO of my feed, all of you.

I don't mind who does what on Facebook, but why is it thrown in my face all the time? I just want to know about events, photos and status updates, not offers, games and other people's shit.

If anyone wants me, I'll be on Twitter.



    Ditto, but I spent the time to block the majority of the annoying crap.
    I still pretty much just lurk though. I last made an update around 12 months ago. And it'll probably be another 12 months before I make another update.

      I hang around because, sadly, the people who I do count as very close friends use it as a messaging and events platform. Slowly I'm migrating them to Twitter and G+.

      Also, if I have to hide every second thing that comes up in my feed because it's annoying, your platform is broken.

        Not wanting to be a troll or anything but what's wrong with SMS and email for that? It seems a little more targeted and a lot less effort to me. e.g. Easy to sync vents to my calendar on my PC (equally easy on my phone, I think).

        Currently marking everything as spam that isn't a direct share or post. "So-and-so commented on a photo on a page you don't like and don't care about" SPAM.


        One day Facebook will get bored of my spam reports and block me.


          What a you? Smart? Logical?

          It's much easier to complain while using stock settings....it's not like this is a blog for technologically minded people. SHEESH.

        I'm in the same boat as you. It's become a bit of a joke, but because it has that critical mass it's hard to get away.

        They've really killed the UX by trying to monetise it. Unfortunately that's the reason I always thought their $100bn IPO was very ambitious. The easiest way to monetise their userbase is to do things that their userbase won't particularly like; probably not the best way to go.

        I'd prefer Google to take my data from G+ and use it in other areas where I don't mind the advertising and whatnot as much (such as search results, where it might actually be helpful).

        If you hadn't ignored all the annoying stuff until it was every second post in your feed you would only see one or two a week, which isn't really that bad to block.

        It's like turning off gmails spam filter and then complaining when after having an account for 5 years you get spam every day, except facebook make money through this rubbish, so they wont allow you to spam filter it, but they do allow you to hide them yourself.

        Talk to us again in 4 years if G+ ever becomes successful. I bet it's no better and just as full of rubbish, you just get to ride the wave of "oh there's no rubbish" while nobody uses it.

    this is facebook desperately trying to monetise the things you like about facebook, and failing.

    Why don't you like Archer? At least give it a chance!

      I'm sure I will like Archer when I get around to it, but the point is, I'll come around to liking it in my own time.



            +1000 The only animated character who not only looks like their actor (stunning), but has her awesomeness encapsulated perfectly.

              Them hands!

        And that's why we get ants!

      Anyone who likes Archer and hasn't seen Frisky Dingo, pick up a copy of the two seasons. Made by the same dudes and is one of the greatest cartoons ever made.

      Also Grandma's boy rules, this reminds me I need to "like that".

    LOL seriously made my day, I love it! I'm glad someone else sees it like i do.

    I give Facebook another 1-2 years and it will be gone for most people, except maybe for pre-teens.

    As the original poster said who wants to know you saved 20 cents on a cup of coffee.

    I am amazed so many people have stuck with Facebook so far when they have forced so many features on people without even asking.

    Never created an account for facebook, never used it, never browsed to it (honest) and never will. I'm no doubt the 1% that prefer actually talking to friends and family (if close enough), enjoying their company and having a good laugh. I guess I'm the 1% that is old fashioned

      I guess that 1% enjoy discussing false dichotomies with their other arrogant, elderly friends down the local bowlo.

      What? You mean I can use facebook AND see people in real life?! They arent mutually exclusive??? HOLY HELL, WEB 4.0!

      You are not the 1% my friend, you are one of the many.

      All of my family is on Facebook. Because we are spread out, in many cases it's the best way of keeping in touch and sharing photos.
      Plus, I have an aunt with a debilitating brain disease who can barely leave her house, and she has been known to comment on posts. For my family it's a lifeline.

    I hated Facebook from the beginning. Prolific users tend to be teenage girls and loud mouth, attention seeking types. More people communicate with email and it is far more effective, I do not see it going away anytime soon. I am very active within my university and manage a couple of societies, and do not use Facebook, and it has never been a problem whatsoever. I still manage to keep on top of things and spread the word. People can see me for who I really am, in real life, and that's good enough for me! It sure beats staring at a screen making small talk when I can give them a quick call/email and have a meaningful conversation.

      "I hated Facebook from the beginning."

      Please tell me how to be as cool as you!

      Your point about teenage girl uses is ridiculous because as long as you're not linked to any of them, they don't enter your universe at all. I could level the exact complaint at Twitter (few vocal minority attention-seekers, a majority of passive consumers), but if you have your privacy settings tweaked, none of your complaints hold any water. It's strange that you mention managing uni societies, because all the ones I'm in use FB primarily for communication, it's simply easier to create events, track RSVPs, have real-time chat, get location data etc in-app than managing a mailing list.

        It's easy!

        I hated before it was cool to hate ! I much prefer which makes me a better person than you! Plus, everyone knows is only popular with .

        Try it with lattes, nescafe and hipsters.

          damn your interpretation of angled brackets as html.

        That is a bit inconsiderate Steve, as a senior lecturer I know that many of my students do not use Facebook. I assume you cater for such students via other methods? Facebook should be secondary to email and twitter which can reach a broad audience.

          By University Societies, I mean social ones (eg sports, cultural, religious etc). These ones are run by students and universally use Facebook to communicate between members.

          Of course when communicating between lecturers/tutes, we nearly always use email. But this is usually one-to-one and when clarifying certain points or asking for things to be uploaded to Blackboard/MyUni. But this system doesn't perform the same functions as a real-time Facebook Group.

      This comment has been deemed inappropriate and has been deleted.

    "I don’t mind who does what on Facebook, but why is it thrown in my face all the time?"

    Because it's free, and it has to be paid for somehow. Same goes for any social media service, and Twitter and G+ will be like this eventually.

    If you don't like it, accept that you can't have what you want for nothing and leave.

    I do most of my Facebook reading via Flipboard now and otherwise spend my time on G+. I get to read the FB stuff that I care about on Flipboard and it cuts out a vast majority of the BS that you pointed out above. I also get to choose which feed I view first (custom lists versus the main FB stream for example).

    I'm hoping sooner or later more people will realise how much better Google+ is (no adds for starters) and migrate, until then I'll spend as little time as possible on the actual page or using the terrible sluggish FB app on mobile.

    One of the things I find mystifying is that they have that moronic link up the top to "find friends", the one right next to notifications about messages and the activity notifications. The obvious thing would be to have that as a shortcut to the list of people who are already your friends! Seriously, that's the point of the whole platform- communications with your personal network, but to get to your friends the links are non-intuitive or hidden in stupid sublists or on other pages.
    Facebook is a horrible mess of crap because it keeps on wanting you to add more stuff- likes, friends, apps etc, not get the best use out of the things you already have.

    The most worrying thing that has come out of this article is that 100% of my other work colleagues do not know what the word "redact" means...

    Spend just a bit of time on your settings, and only use mobile FB. Problem goes away.

    I quit facebook within 6 months of joining few years ago.. I anticipated this issue ages ago... I have banned facebook in my house for all members... mainly due to privacy concerns (I have seen 1st hand privacy breach to few of my mates)... I totally DENOUNCE Facebook to a point that when people ask about it.. I proudly say Nope I am not on it...

    Few years ago all of us would be on street with placards protesting breach of privacy... and then what happens.. Facebook.. Biggest BS for tweens and older people alike to post 'I just got out of shower' 'I am heading to work' 'Leila got totally smashed'... 'Call my buddy steve on 041#####' ... WTF?? what happened to Privacy now?... Dont complain if you get Fired by your boss only cause he found out your Facebook status said 'I was smashed at a party' only that you told your boss that you were chucking a sickie...

    Literally every man and his dog has an account (no seriously they released stats showing how many pet accounts were on facebook)...

    I'd give Facebook about a year at the most.. when tweens realize that they don't get a job cause of some crazy stuff they did and posted to the world cause 'It was cool....' they will realize what they have done.. alas too late... The Internet History has them now!!!

      I quite support all the concerns you've highlighted. The silly get punished, the sensible do not.

      It's the equivalent of a selective force in our digital world.


        sorry above post was meant for Abs

    Agreed Luke, filtering all the crap out takes ages! and persistence, almost as long as its taken me to de-spam my inbox, which I've been doing for 2 weeks. You could....go through all your friends and filter out what they send you...I wrote an article that gets a few views on how to clean it all up, its spring cleaning so yup, might be time, or just ignore it! http://digitalbreezes.com/2012/03/31/clean-up-friends-list-and-news-feed-on-timeling/

    I don't have any of that stuff on my facebook newspage? I think it's based on the activities of people you've friended. I only have real friends on there, like, people I have dinner with.

    Hang on a sec while I call the waaahmbulance, Luke. Where you see clutter, I see a hundred different things you could choose to look at, or ignore, *at your leisure*.

    Want photos? Hit the "Photos" ("Portraits", in Pirate) app and check out photos from people *you've* added and apps *you've* authorised.

    Want events? Hit the "Events" ("Grog Fests", in Pirate) app and see what's on your calendar as well as the admittedly annoying suggested events.

    Status updates and posts only come from those people, companies, groups and other entities *you* have "liked" or subscribed to. Like managing spam in your e-mail inbox, simply unsubscribe from these things if you don't like seeing what they have to say. Or use that little options arrow that lets you hide notifications.

    E-mail isn't dead because of spam, and Facebook isn't useless because every man, dog, band, company and mascot is using it. You just have to savvy the frack up and use it like a bawss rather than pussying out.

    Or maybe you're just getting old.

      Defence of bad design is fine but it's still bad design. And getting worse.

        Fair enough if this article actually contained much about FB's design, but it really doesn't...

        "I don’t care who plays what. I don’t care who you beat and I don’t know them. I don’t care whose photo or status you commented on and why even is it in my News Feed if I don’t know them. I don’t care who saved 50 cents on their coffee in the morning or who got a 2-for-1 pass to the cross-stitch fair coming up this weekend. Kindly GTFO of my feed, all of you."

          It's 100% about design. Facebook is designed to be a social networking site so you can see updates from your friends. All the things complained about are new unwanted additions that have been designed to impinge on that experience in a ham-fisted, uncomfortable way

            I'm not sure how they're "new" if they've been there the entire time FB has been operating? A lot of complaining is about things happening in the feed that have been able to occur for years. The only new thing is seeing what other people have commented on, which is a matter of opinion whether you think it's good or not, not a matter of design.

        TSH has a great point. Luke's friends have done something (purchase a cheap holiday in this instance) and that has been posted on FB, That is a status update! As to why so many of your friends are taking facebook holidays all at once is beyond me but the point is that message is the same as them sending you an email saying "Hey Luke, just booked a great deal for a holiday to Awesome-land. Here's the deal if your interested too. Ciao!".

        The recommended pages are other pages friends of yours have decided to follow or 'like' and they are saying "hey, maybe you find this interesting", same goes with "people you may know".

        I don't think it is a perfect system by any means but the things you are complaining about doesn't 'cut the mustard' in my books. Besides, what would you do with that side screen real-estate , Fill it with large banner type camera or phone company adds?

      I never subscribed to "most popular articles" yet it still turns up on top of my feed everyday. My news feed is literally 3-1 crap-to-actual status updates, and that's ridiculous. Ads are fine, but the noise of have to peer through to see what I want is stupid - and there simply aren't enough options to customise what I see. I don't want to see what's been said by a friend to someone I have no clue about, yet I can't get it off my feed without blocking nearly everything that friend posts. I get stuff from events I'm not even invited to, I simply have friends attending! It's frustrating garbage. I'd leave if it didn't punt me out of the loop my friends use for events and stuff.

    I try to use it, but it just irritates me. I would like to know some stuff that's going on with people on there, but there's a lot more .. useless posts, on top of the spam you've listed. Funnily enough, while Twitter gets mocked for it's inanity, it's so much more interesting, up to date and amusing. I think I'll stay there - just getting friends to migrate to it and get involved is difficult.

    Um it's easy to block things? Or maybe I'm just friends with people who don't post as many annoying things? Seriously seems stupid to me when people whinge about people sharing stuff on social media. Oh your friends wanna post about some "hot deals" crap or something, that's got nothing to do with FB, that's quite specifically you having issue with what your friends decide to post.

    If you don't wanna see people's posts you can block 'em. If you don't like game invites you can block 'em. If you don't wanna see what anyone posts don't use the service. It's called SOCIAL media for a reason. It's not FB's fault if your friends are uninteresting.

    I deactivated my Facebook account last night actually.
    I am fine with this.

      Isn't the best part when it tries to win you back by showing you the people who will miss you.............and they are third grade classmates you haven't interacted with in years?
      That made me laugh.
      "The guy who spams you with game requests will miss you, are you sure you want to leave"?

    Changing from Most Popular to Most Recent is annoying to no end. Arrrrgh.

    To all the people who say to move to G+.. get a grip.. its exactly the same

    No ads.. what like google has no ads? As IF the whole point of google+ isnt to monetorize your private information like facebook. Try looking at live.coms policy if you want something were u keep your own information.

    Google+ is a copy of facebook and lacks all my friends .. i dont like facebook but it at least has people im interested in unlike google+

      You don't really use G+ do you?
      That's ok, I don't use it much either, but I use it enough to know that almost most useful features FB has added in the past couple of years have been copied from there, there's also a lot less clutter and no dumb ads for the sort of rubbish I see constantly on my FB page.
      I have Quite a few of my friends there and more moving there all the time, so it seems a pretty viable alternative.

        I know after google copied facebook it added new functionality .. which then facebook copied.

        Why would this make me change? They are basically the same and i really dont care who invented what first and would never choose my technology because of that as a reason.

          You didn't answer the question and from your deflection/generalisations, it's clear you haven't used G+ for any meaningful amount of time either. Every accusation you've thrown at G+ is just plain privacy FUD and cheer-leading for Live. G+ has currently insurmountable hurdles (no-one I know really uses it), but as a social network, it's superior to both FB and Twitter.

          Circles and communication is far better than anything else, the UI is cleaner and navigation is a joy. So far, the the only reason I use G+ is to follow public profile shares but it's done in such a way that trumps Twitter in every conceivable category. I just wish it wasn't techheads and bloggers who utilised it.

          "Google+ is a copy of facebook and lacks all my friends"

          Keep at it so we know whose worthless opinion to safely ignore.

      There are no ads on G+, thats not to say that Google won't use the information gained to advertise to you elswhere but not having rubish polute your stream makes it a nicer experience in my opinion. I'm happy to be advertised to when using Google search and other Google services.

      Google+ is more of a hybrid between Twitter and Facebook and it does many things better than Facebook (circles are better than lists, photo quality and handling is much better, mobile app is much better). Sure not having many of my real life friends on G+ means I still use Facebook but there are plenty of interesting people and discussion that you can follow on G+ if your interested in people outside your immediate social circle.

        "Google+ is more of a hybrid between Twitter and Facebook and it does many things better than Facebook"

        Cannot agree enough

    cause they are desperately trying to suck every penny out of it while they can. facebook has been broken for a while now.

      Can't wait until Facebook implodes, and I believe it will happen later this year when the shares unlock that were purchased early this year.

    What I hate most is seeing random pictures with captions "Like if you ..."
    What kind of mentality do these people have to waste their time posting up these pictures just so they can get "likes". If it wasn't for the "events" function being so useful, i would have deleted facebook a long time ago.

    Now I'll be a troll. So reading between the lines, Luke, you were happy enough with Facebook when you thought it was all about you but once you discovered that it is actually about everyone else, too, you got the shits with it. I've always hated it for much the same reasons you do now. It was always obvious to me that all the things I hated about it would and should apply equally to anything I used it for myself. i.e. If I'm not interested in what anyone else is up to, why would I presume that anyone would care what I'm up to?

      You've always been a troll. He hates FB now for the same reason I do now, it's not about connecting people you know or care about. The layout is terrible, there is no quality control, it throws a point of useless information from Apps or Ads you don't care about front and centre when it never used to. News Feed has no filter where it never existed before.

      If they dialled back the dashboard changes, I'd still be a fairly happy camper.

        When was any of that not the case? Since the day I signed up I've only seen sheeple there I wouldn't cross the road to say hello to or my actual friends, who I see all the time and would never need to communicate with via Facebook. To me Facebook has always seemed like a good way to keep sheeple at arms length, rather than to keep in touch with them.

    Was reading this article and thought, yeah a lot of that is true. I’d use Google+ more if I could, because it’s by far and away the superior social network

    But then I was reminded of who is in my circles on Google+ and, more importantly, who is not. Most of the people I care about the most aren’t even on it (present company excluded). When I setup mum’s tablet, I asked her if she wanted to join Google+ and she said “No, facebook is enough”.

    Apart from liking a few of my favourite tech sites (tech-savvy people and websites seem to have taken to it in droves) I’m afraid there’s not much else I can do on G+.

    As for me actually *using* Google Hangouts to try out a real-life video chat with 6 friends at once – forget it!

    How do I find more decent friends to hang out with I wonder?

      Thats the problem for a lot of people at the moment, Facebook is an inferiour network but its where most people real life social circle congregate. It took me a bit of time but I have found plenty of interesting people to Circle on G+ and I find it a great source of interesting reading and discussions.

      Shared Circles are one of the quickest ways to add more interesting people, that and if you participate in conversations about area's of interest you can circle other interestng people from the discussion. Circling is more like Twitters following than Facebooks friending, there is no expectation that people have to Circle you back but it tends to happen naturally if you engage in conversations with people.

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