Why Are So Many Olympic Athletes Wearing Bright Green Shoes?

If you were wondering why so many of the track and field athletes at the Olympics were wearing bright green shoes, here's your answer: they're all Nike athletes. Nike has decided to go uniform across the globe on bright green shoes to grab your attention (and your dollars). It's probably working.

Known as 'Volt', the shoes are striking against the red track in London. Nike says that out of all the colours on the rainbow, the human eye is most sensitive to the yellow/green zone. That means the Nike shoes the Olympians are wearing reflect more light than almost anything else on the field. The shoes are there to be bright and bold so you look at them... and want to buy them. Basically, brighter is better

Check out the rest of the Volt collection here. [Nike]


    Sally Pearson doesn't need Green Nikes

      Ah, Sally. Speaking as someone who is normally skeptical of many aspects of these big events, I have to say I was genuinely moved by her heart-warmingly honest reaction to her win. What a lovely spirit she displays at all times; if they were all like Sally in terms of attitude I think we'd be doing far better. What a true champion.

    Was actually wondering this last night with the other. She pointed out it was probably a Nike thing.

    Correct me if I'm wrong, but aren't we more sensitive to blue?

      Nope, just around 550nm, pretty much spot on green. It's the wavelength best perceived by both our medium and long cones (whose wavelength ranges are fairly close together, thereby nearly doubling the perceived amplitude of light between them)

      We are least sensitive to blue. There isn't much blue food so we don't need to see it!

        I've worked many years as a scenic artist & specialty finisher. The most difficult color to match or reproduce is green. It ranges from a rosy warm to icy cool — not only in the spectrum of blues & yellows, but by the reds found in it. We have a far greater perception of green than of any other color.

    I think the real question is why do so many teens wear fluorescent green shoes or like wise laces... It looks HORRIBLE! Maybe I'm just from a bogan area... but this and wearing energy drink shits/hats is a disease that has been spreading.

      I get energy drink shits too...



    Maybe it dates back to our monkey days of looking for bananas.

      I think it dates back to our Amoeba days where we were trying to avoid getting killed by the mid-day sun...

    "That means the Nike shoes the Olympians are wearing reflect more light than almost anything else on the field."

    are you sure about that?

    There was a TIL on Reddit recently saying that this is the reason why night vision in in green, because the eye can discern more shades of green than any other colour. Now you know

    I was at the CrossFit Games in California last month which is sponsored/owned by Reebok. They were selling their CrossFit-badged shoes at the event and part of the de facto uniform for the competitors were a lime green pair of these shoes (some, like Sally above, chose their own colours). I wondered why green, guess for the same reason as Nike.

    Nike did a similar thing at the World Cup in South Africa in 2010. IIRC all of their boots were white with fluro orange heels and stood out. The teams who were sponsored as a team by Nike were all wearing the same boots, and it was easy to see the players who were individually sponsored by Nike were easy to spot. It's an excellent marketing strategy!

    What i get from the above picture is dont wear yellow/green shoes because you will lose!

    Isn't Adidas the official sponsor of the games? I'm surprised wearing nike is allowed, considering the IOC is usually pretty strict about visible brands...

    I was under the impression the bright colours was also in part to keep joggers visible during darker times, possibly when crossing roads etc. I have some nike shoes and they aren't completely yellow like those ones, but they sole area is a very bright orange. I think some of the other elements of the shoe are supposed to be somewhat reflective also. Granted, a bright shirt or vest is better, but every bit helps.

    Who won that race, was it the girl with the foot on the line or the one with the hand over the line (while still having her feet miles back.... Ok she won, Gold for Sally.... (Torso has to cross the line)

    Proves Red shoes are faster.

    Noticed... Think it'll be a fad and they'll get really dirty ;) but here we are noticing and talking about these shoes. Would never buy them but that brand is in my head now.

    I wwouldn't be seen dead or alive in them - poor workers who make them are dying of fumes and cdnt afford a pair ever!!!!

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