Whoaaaa, Here's The Largest 3D Map Of The Universe Ever

New Mexico's Apache Point Observatory has used its giant telescope to create the biggest 3D tour of the universe ever, starring 400,000 galaxies. Ohhhh, ahhhh!

The amazing map was put together using data from the Sloan Digital Sky Survey, an ambitious project that's been working for the past 12 years to chart seven billion years' worth of planetary activity. Take a minute, because that might make your brain explode. The video is made from two years of SDSS info, but wait -- there's more. It still has more than a million galaxies to go before it maps the whole thing. The universe is a huuuuge place. And we are tiny. [The Atlantic]


    Wow. Just wow.

      To be noticed by other inteligent life out there, we gotta learn how to do some massive explosions, otherwise, we'll be by ourselves until Earth disappears.

    It now just needs a awesome sound track!

    I remember trying to explain the vastness and distances of space to my son. He could not grasp the concept of man probably never ever reaching the other side of the universe and that the whole thing was beyond comprehension. This just drives that home with the sheer scale of it all. As for finding life ? The words needle and haystack come to mind. Yes in time we would have checked most possibilities but my question is, how long will that take?

    Ok, it's not 3D!! Also it has no point of reference either.

      NOT 3D.. oh you mean that it isn't 3D post processed.....

      3D in the far field is only appreciated by a shifting viewpoint....

      This map IS 3D, as it has 2D planar representation with depth represented by varying image size as you fly through...... What did you expect, it to jump out of your 2D monitor. Sire you can't walk through it, the only thing you can do that with is a real physical model, feel free to build it.

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          Disagree with you there. That's your inference, not the implication nor MD and my inference.

            Inference? It is clearly a video! A nicely made video, but nothing more. There is nothing to 'infer' Just because it has a shifting view doesn't make it 3D! When you watch a car race from the vantage point of the driver, do you call that 3D?

              Yes, the race is 3D, but the video is not ... just like this map is 3D but the video is not.

      you're dim. did you even read the article? this is a video showing footage of the 3d map; it isn't the map itself. the point is the 3D map does exist....

    Space is big. You just won't believe how vastly, hugely, mind- bogglingly big it is. I mean, you may think it's a long way down the road to the chemist's, but that's just peanuts to space.

    - H2G2

    Looks like snow flakes falling in the night sky :)

    You do realise ou can do this yourself in WorldWide Telescope?

    @ The Mag............ Dude there is no sound track because in space there are no speakers for one and I am pretty sure there is no sounds as well. Yeah I am assuming that last one a bit but whenever I go out into the wilderness late at night I never hear any noises coming from outer space... Other than that it seems like such a magical video to watch in complete silence it really made my day and reminded me of how small I really am in the massive amount of space......... They should have tweaked the video a bit and added a few space ships or flyinf saucers or something that would have been really cool to watch............ Maybe a few aliens like Paul he was a very funny little alien much better than elf........... Well thanks for the time you have put into this video New Mexio it was a blast!!!!!!

    Serving what purpose???
    I mean, get a grip people......what a complete waste of time, money and resources.

      Are you serious?! In that case, what purpose is most scientific endeavour in general? Just because you can't foresee a function of this map within your introverted mind, doesn't mean the funtion, or more likely functions, don't exist. Even if the only outcome of this achievement was to inspire new minds into the field of study, for them to break new ground and make new and wonderous discoveries, that in itself would be purpose enough. Try to think a little bigger, Mick, that's the whole point.

    @ Chris.... How long you ask? Very good question to be asking if you ask me. I find there are many possibilities when coming up with and answer and I am sure if you really gave it a good think you would come up with a response, but what the hell I am going to help you out with this one as I would hate to see you and your young son waste many a year trying to figure out how long............. The simplist answer is " How long is a peice of string" I know it is amazing once you hear something and then everything falls into place. I am just super glad I was able to help you in figuring this one out. Hit me up if there are any more question you and your son would like me to answer as I am always happy to help.

    and we are the only life form in the whole thing! Well that is what religion suggests anyway.

      I was going to make a similar comment, but I'll just +1 yours instead! Looking at the sheer vastness of it all (and this is only the tiny bit that we've been able to piece together so far), there's really no way we could possibly be alone. Making contact, now that's an entirely different situation.

    I'm lost without a banana for scale.

    Even with the limitations mentioned by some viewers, it is sobering to realise our (humans) role in the overall scheme of things.I'm not sure whether it confirms my religous beliefs or consigns the to the bin!

      Please do not publish my email address at all.

    I've met people who don't understand what a light year really is.
    Just saying.

      and I'm not talking about someone's diet or a summer in the poles.

    looks like a sea of plankton or a windy blizzard, amazing video though

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