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    I'll start off this week with an important topic. I've spent the weekend meticulously cleaning up my home screens. I managed to take five screens down to two thanks to some folders and an app cull so now it looks right and purdy. Here it is: http://instagram.com/p/ObASQrJvEa/

    I ask you, readers: what does your home screen look like?

    Do you have a wallpaper you're particularly proud of? Or even some nifty widgets you'd like to share? Take a screenshot, throw it at an image hosting service (imgur is good if you're stuck) and post it here.

      Mine hasn't changed much since I posted the below 3 months ago. It's lightweight, looks nice and compliments ICS' "holo" theme nicely. It has all the apps I use regularly on the secondary screens, and lesser used apps in folders.


      Main things I've changed since then is I've added another two screens (using the same aesthetic) and added the AOSP clock widget to the home screen above the weather widget.

        Also, how did I not know about MyColorScreen?! That's an awesome thing.

          ...how did I not know about MyColorScreen?...

          By not hanging around XDA enough :P

            It's to my own detriment, too. That community seems amazing.

      so does that mean you use the camera a lot more than phone or messaging??

        Personally, I need quick access to the camera and I need one app on the front screen so that it all doesn't just revert to the second screen. Everything that was on the home screen i've just dumped into four folders on the dock.

      It's an interesting setup you've got there.

      It might be the nerd in me talking but I find it really interesting what the four apps in the dock bar are for people. It's really speaks about what they feel is the biggest use of their phone.

      Apparently Luke's is everything.

      As a side note Luke you aren't satisfied with bringing the camera up through the lockscreen?

        I use my phone for absolutely everything. I literally can't be without it if I want to have any hope of being productive that day. Scares me how much I rely on it to be honest.

    Hi I just got an iphone for work (I buy androids for myself) and want a keyboard that's like swype but for the iphone, any recommendations?

      Best recommendation I have is to ask your work to get you an Android phone.
      The only way you'll get a swype-style keyoard on an iPhone is if you jailbreak, (and work won't want you doing that to their phone. )

        My other recommendation would be to get used to the iPhone keyboard. It's not the same as swype, but it's pretty good as far as soft keyboards go.


        Unless you give them your phone on a regular basis they'll never be able to tell. A restore will wipe any evidence of a jailbreak.

          Unless you make the mistake that I did and flash your baseband. Hello, bricked iPhone.

    My phone is organised. But here's what my desktop looks like:

      I can't help but wonder if your desktop would still look like that not if you had put the same effort into tidying it, as you did to blur out all the icon titles :P

      And do you wonder why your computer takes a long long time to boot ?

      I honestly don't even know why you'd bother having a desktop background.

    Astronomer's Feud

    Anya looked up at the Moon, its luminous glow reaching out and touching her eyes with its magnificence. She smiled at its caress yet the smell of fresh rain on the grass of her lawn inevitably drew her back into the real world.
    Anya looked down at her things, scattered about on the raincoat and retrieved the tablet. The large rectangular device and its i-LOOK logo all flashy and new. The device seemed almost weightless as she lifted it into the air between her and the Moon tapping the Telescope App symbol.
    Almost instantly the screen filled with the Moon. Now she worked the zoom until she could see the Lunar Colony - the Terrapixel camera zoomed in until Anya could see the windows of individual apartments - apartments in the city where she would never get to go. Anya brought up the Targeting App and tracked across the image. Now the whir of the stepper motors from the tripod next to her seemed to intrude on the moment.
    Anya paused at the window of an apartment and watched the distant occupant going about his life -free from the horrors of the Poisoned Earth. A moment and the lock-on was complete.
    The Weapon fired - the invisible UV laser left the weapon and she watched with fascination as the invisible beam simply caused the window to fail. It didn't take much . The Glass - indestructible simply failed - a tiny hole and then the whole room - and its occupants exploded out onto the airless surface.
    The Man was dead.

    Does anyone know when the Apple app store normally updates?

    I am waiting for a game to be released, it got released last week and i am patiently waiting for it to come onto the Australian App store.

      Has the developer indicated it's coming to Australia?

        Yes, all the dev said was that if you dont see it in your countries app store, it will be released "very soon" which in publisher terms could mean anywhere from next week to next year.

        In a totally unrelated question, is it still piracy if the app is free? Thats probably why app piracy is so rife.

    I'm just annoyed at the new snooping law just passed in pariliament.

      It's not as bad as it could have been...what's your beef with them? Are you a suspected cybercriminal, Mark?

    Having a god awful time using Google Translate to translate my fiction to Chinese and Japanese - It just doesn't translate back to English correctly.

      Google translate is actually pretty bad, but it's fairly ubiquitous so I put up with it. Anyone use anything better to translate the internets?

        ^ I'm with Luke on this one - I mean, just translate something from English to 'X' and back to English generally garbles it - not just a different sentence with the same meaning, but garbled.

        I've also been learning German for about 8 weeks now, and even that rudimentary knowledge trumps some of the Google Translate.

    Anyone doing anything fun this weekend?

      Windows8 RTM + Visual Studio 2012, SharePoint wave15 RTM + Office 2012...

      That and Thai food. Lots of Thai food.

        Ok, I lied to myself - I mean, I had the Thai, and it was great, but I'm still Sharepoint 2013 deficient.

        Thank god that I have months to get ready for it for work!

      Nope D=

      Minecraft maybe ha. Other then that not sure, what about you Luke, anything bold & exciting?!

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