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    So this week I'm doing something a little different with White Noise. I was going to write a big about me piece, but it read really boring. So instead, I'll be doing a Reddit-style Ask Me Anything post this week (If you're not sure what I'm talking about, check these out).

    So, My name is Luke Hopewell and I'm the Editor of Gizmodo Australia. Ask me anything.

      What's your all important stance on tim tams? Too sweet or not sweet enough?

        Your reputation rests on this question, Luke. Don't let us down.

          I'm a classicist when it comes to my Tim Tams. I prefer the ones I had when I was younger, they seemed not as sweet. Having tried some original Tim Tams yesterday, I've come to the conclusion that the original ones are far too sweet for me these days. As my tastes mature, I've started on a path towards dark chocolate Tim Tams.

      How'd you come to be here at Gizmodo? & has Serrels ever gone full Scottish in the office since you've been there?

        I first started my professional life at Telstra doing small business sales out of a little Telstra Shop on the Central Coast. The whole time I was getting through a journalism degree at University of Newcastle. When I graduated I had a little stint as a staff writer for a national youth mag that folded due to managerial ineptitude and then I moved onto ZDNet Australia. I covered business technology there for two years before I was offered this plum gig and I'm loving every second.

        ....what does "Full Scottish" mean?

          Im guessing full Scottish means kilt, bagpipes and haggis while speaking in that thick Scot accent that no one understands.

            Fun fact: I'm actually half-Scottish (on my mum's side) and because it's in my blood, I was able to wear a kilt in my own clan colours when I went back to the UK to take part in a wedding a few years ago. It's a liberating experience. Breezy, but liberating.

          Full Scottish means talking freely without any care for the consequences of other lesser human beings being able to understand you.

          To date, Hopewell has not been privvy to 'FULL SCOTTISH MODE' but it will happen. One day. When he least expects it.

      Are you wearing pants right now?

        I am wearing pants, but only because it's an office requirement. I'm sure if I proposed a Tech Team Pants Off Friday policy I'd be immediately shown the door.

          The real question is, are YOU wearing pants right now?

            Yes, I am. They are a necessary evil in certain temperatures. Long sleeve shirts though...

    Did anyone get caught with the bush fire on the F6, just south of Sydney on Friday night? My god, it took me an extra 2 hours to get home.

      There's an F6? I know of the M6 and the F3...did two roads spawn a baby road?


    Yeah man, they had a love child in the 70s. It's known mostly as the southern freeway. It's what links Sydney to Wollongong. It's 36km long with a top speed of 110. It's not a bad drive most of the time, I recommend checking it out, maybe check out some things around Wollongong or go for a drive to Kiama, then on your way back, take a drive through the national park. There's some beautiful places down this way.

    Luke, I want to know about your home entertainment setup. Can you give us a bit of detail of your TV setup... Do you change it often, is it set up to be ready for anything, or do you constantly wish you had a better solution?

      Sure. Right now, I have a 55-inch Sony Bravia KDL55EX (http://www.sony.com.au/support/product/KDL-55EX500) as my panel. Bought it about a year ago and wasn't really fussed for Smart TV or 3D so it fit right in. I have an Xbox 360 (Arcade) that connects via Component (pout), a PS3 (doubles as a Blu-ray player) that connects via HDMI and currently, no external sound system. It all sits on top of a low, wood-grain coloured entertainment unit that has two tempered glass doors at the front and two slots for my consoles.

      Do I wish I could change it? ABSOLUTELY.

      I'd get some wireless speakers to throw around the room (because I HATE cables in sight), I'd get a 3D-capable panel just so that I had the option available and I'd want to find something with a few more HDMI ins. 3 is nice but I'd like more. I'd also like to be able to connect my Xbox via HDMI but it's not an Elite so I can't. Occasionally I connect my MacBook Pro via HDMI and use a Bluetooth keyboard and mouse from the lounge to get it going as a 55-inch monitor, but I'd like something a little less finicky. Apple TV with AirPlay springs to mind but I can't justify $109 on something I'd use occasionally. I'd also love a new entertainment unit just because.

      I don't change it that often. I like the set-up I have now because I take test products home and I can just plug and play which is great. It means I get the purest experience in testing because nothing else can futz with what I have and put off the results.

      Hope that answers the Q, Matt.

    Here's a seriously noobish question, does connecting your computer to a tv require any more horsepower from your graphics card? my video card isnt what you call the best, its a Nvidia GT 530, its not a bad little card and i can run most games and its got a HDMI port.

      The GPU generates the signal for the monitor. The signal is the same from the external output to the internal LCD display.... If you are just cloning, or using the external display as the only display, it will not use any more resources.

        I think that depends a lot more on the source, and the resolution you're trying to output.

        Rendering an image on a 55" TV screen at 1366x768 isn't going to require any more grunt than it would on a 13"-15.6" laptop display. Decoding a 1080p video stream is going to require the same/similar amount of resources on either display (I think arguably downscaling the video stream for a lower resolution display could be more resource intensive than rendering it in its native resolution).

        That said, if Luke's talking about gaming, of course more processing grunt is going to be required if he's running games at a higher resolution on a larger TV display.

          Thanks, i got a new TV for my bedroom/ study its just a cheapo Sanyo 46' and i already have it hooked up to my PC, considering that i cant run most games on full resolution anyway, the games i tested it out on seemed to run pretty smooth so i'm happy.

      I'll have to throw my hands up on this one and say I'm no video card pro. I used to be a PC gamer but then fell into the derpy embrace of consoles. I just wanted something plug-and-play tbh. I got tired of tweaking. #confessionmodo.

    What does the average day at Gizmodo consist of?
    Do you work in an office?

    And if so, tell us about your best office shenanigans.

      Good question! Besides this: http://goo.gl/Jxr6

      Seriously though. The day starts at around 6am when I get up and read what has been going on in the world as I slept. If there's anything urgent or awesome that needs doing, I'll jump on it ASAP before coming into our Circular Quay, Sydney office.

      The Allure Media (parent company) offices have about 45 people working in them across our various publications and operations areas, and Giz, Kotaku and Lifehacker all sit together in the one pod. By the time I'm at my desk, I'm usually halfway through about three articles for the morning rush and at 9:30am, we touch base with Elly Hart our fearless night editor who works out of Canada.

      From there, we hit the day hard and get the best content we can dispersed with various events and meetings.

      I usually clock off about 5ish and keep an eye on things as the night goes on so that I can jump on anything urgent as it happens!

      As far as shenanigans go, there's never a quiet day in the Tech Pod. Angus from Lifehacker is either getting us to taste weird shit like a bacon sundae or we're playing mini bowling. Just this morning I gave Danny a Derringer-style Nerf gun to get my attention with when I have both headphones in.

      Did I miss anything there?

    All these questions have actually been pretty tame so far, you guys. I thought this would get a lot worse a lot faster than it has.

      If you were forced to fire somebody based on something that happened in the last week, who would you fire and what did they do that is so bad.

      What does a bacon sundae taste like? It sounds dangerous :S

      I saw a documentary on Nick Denton awhile back, some may say he isn't a very popular guy in the media, how does his reputation reflect on your australian operation?

        Aaaaand there it is.

          As far as firing someone? I'd say it's probably me I'd fire. You don't see it but everyday I know that I miss things or could have done things better. It's a constant process of improvement so I can become uber-editor, but until then I still want to fire myself at the end of every day.

          Either that or I'd fire Danny for not getting the Shooting Challenge up quick enough when Elly goes on holidays. AHEM.

          Bacon sundaes are about as awful as they sound. Check this out for pics: http://www.gizmodo.com.au/2012/06/diy-bacon-sundae-testing-three-alternatives/
          It was like my third day here and I'm convinced the whole thing was an attempt at hazing me...

          As far as Denton is concerned, none of those issues even appear as a blip on our local radar. We're just looking to make the best stuff we can. We're independent of Gawker Media fyi. We're owned by Allure Media who are awesome.

    Are you a Mac or PC?

      My daily driver is a Mac but I'm currently experimenting (and rabidly awaiting) the arrival of Windows 8. It looks and feels amazing and now that Mac OS X is slowly descending into an iOS world, I think I might start enjoying Windows again. The bottom line is, I like to keep a foot in both camps. I just boot into Mountain Lion because it's easier. As far as phones go, I have an iPhone 4S but I love the array of Android devices I get to test.

        I'm surprised you dont have Windows 8 Consumer Preview installed on something? I have it on a older laptop which runs win8/OSX ML Dual Boot. Its a toy - why not? :)

        My main machine is my own creation - windows machine. AMD Quad 4.4ghz Water Cooled, 8gb DDR3, 120gb SSD with 2 x 1tb HDD. My Favourite part though is the cable management from PSU - Damn that saves some space and stuffing about with cables! oh and the white case with 2 23cm white LED fans is pretty cool too :)

    Have you guys looked into this camera so fast it can see light travel... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y_9vd4HWlVA

    I think I just may have murdered someone, Can I crash at yours? Its cool, I wont need a key for the front door.. Just leave a window open...

    It'd be good if there was a better way to distinguish between AU and US articles

      There is already a way. Try surfing Gizmodo AU using this link: http://www.gizmodo.com.au/tags/au/
      I usually visit us.gizmodo.com to read the US articles (& also because I like their layout better) and then the Australian articles using the mentioned link. Gizmodo AU tags articles made my themselves as 'au' or 'australia' so its pretty easy to search.

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