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    Thought I'd sell an e-book to raise funds to make homes for the homeless but copped nothing but criticism - apparently giving one bedroom shipping container homes and an acre of land to homeless people is a bad thing.

      The selling of the e-book to raise money is still a good idea though? Are you going to do it?

    OK serious question - what's happening with the "new comments system" I've been hearing about in the works? There's been various hints of it mentioned here and there since way back when Nick Broughall was editor - and the only development I've seen since then are:
    1) posts no longer need approval (improvement) and;
    2) we can no longer log in using Facebook to post comments (regression - as we no longer have a mechanism to track our previous posts).

    Considering how long it seems to be taking to deploy , what's the odds of seeing a premade solution like Disqus or something used so we're not using such an antiquated comments system?

      Hey Sam. The new comments system is definitely coming. I sit across from the guys working hard to make it happen, so don't worry about it being delivered. As far as the other stuff goes, I'll have to get back to you.

        Yeah no prob. I know the above gripe is a classic example of #firstworldproblems but "it's definitely coming" has been the stock standard response for months now.

        Being able to respond to articles and discus amoungst ourselves is great and all, but NOT having to bookmark stories so we can remember to come back later and see if anyone has responded would be even better,

          We hear you. We want to make it awesome so that we don't annoy the community we have and love so much that they never come back. It takes time to make something great, unfortunately.

          What else do you want in a comments system btw? That's an open question for all of you.

            Me personally; I'd be happy with a system where I can create an account, post, be able to view my post history and be notified if anyone else responds to my comment.

            The ability to login using Google/Twitter/Facebook would be nice, but far from necessary.

            As I mentioned before, something along the lines of what Disqus offers would be perfect.

            This is probably the minority but I'd like to see some stricter moderating.

            A lot of the comments lately are just overly negative seem to be either complaining about the "obvious apple bias" of the site or a paragraph or two on how the title doesn't match their tightly defined idea of a word or even just the over use of the word sheeple.

            A lot of the stuff like that just makes the comments overly negative and results in not really wanting to participate because there is no one really wanting to share ideas, they just want to dump on others.

              Hey Blake,
              To be honest, I've noticed the trend too. I don't want to create a place where no negative opinions get through, that would be counter intuitive, but I don't want to allow blatant non-constructive flamers though either.

              As much as I can, I try to keep comments civilised. I won't let through something that goes for a blatant cheap shot against another reader for example. There needs to be some argument, but the sheeple stuff for example isn't constructive. I'm all for people expressing their opinions and I'm not naive enough to think they're all going to be the same, but it's just about keeping those differences civil.

              And for the record, I see comments that insinuate or flat out accuse the contrary, but Gizmodo doesn't take a cent from any company to write positive copy. It shits me sideways that people say we eat out of one company or another's hand in terms of copy. We're about balance and truth. If it's great, we'll tell you we think so and why. If it's not, we'll tell you that too and just why it earned a place on our bad list, and we'll always be completely transparent when you the reader have a question.

              Hope that helps.


                I think the main thing to remember here is that while many of us are RSS subscribed to Gizmodo and see a every article come through our feeds, no one is forcing us to read it. A lot of readers would be better off moving to another story (or even another website) if they don't like the tone of whats been written.

                That said, it needs to be noted that Allure and Gawker are separate companies, and the tone of articles written by Angus, Elly, Logan, and Luke can be world's apart from that seen in articles republished from the US, and there has been a few examples of stories that been flamed in comments for fair reason.

                Either way, there's not much point in making vicious or unfounded attacks about it - it's not constructive in any way towards anything.

              Sam, the reason we aren't going with Disqus is that we want customisation and full control over out comments platform. Disqus might be fit for purpose at one stage, but when we have a cool idea to add for our commenters in terms of features, we might not be able to implement it how we want.

                I did say "something along the lines of what Disqus offers"; not "just buy Disqus already" tongue firmly in cheek.

                The fact that you comment was directed at me, but responded to Blake's comment only goes to show how non user friendly the comments system is these days.

                That said, my comment has been drawn way beyond what was originally intended. All I was trying to say is - considering a new comments system with "customisation and full control" from being built scratch has been in thee works for 12+ months; isn't it better to launch something that is quite perfect, but still a major improvement - than to launch nothing at all? Just sayin' is all...

            Accounts, comment upvoting, user ratings (based on number of upvotes, blocked comments) display rating as x out of 5 Chuloopa nipples*, notifications when people reply to you.

            *ask Mark Serrels about it. He'll know what I'm talking about :P

    Did everyone watch the Curiosity landing yesterday? If not, WHY THE HELL NOT?!?!?!

      Uh, I was sadly not at my computer D= I feel like a bad person for this.

      I did but was a little disappointed because all it was, was the people in the control room cheering and congratulating each other.

      i should have known better because doesnt pictures and videos take a few minutes to get to Earth from Mars? so i knew it wouldnt be a live stream from mars, or if it was there would have been a delay.

        It wasn't a live stream of Mars unfortunately. That would have been cool though.

        Instead we carried the live stream of the NASA Jet Propulsion Lab guiding the Curiosity rover down. Fascinating stuff. Massive drain on my productivity but still amazing. We've got a whole bunch of Mars posts up now on Giz. Just search Mars and you'll find everything from panoramas of the red planet to thinkpieces on the rover itself.

    How come my comments on Giz always go into moderation now? Did I do something naughty & didn't notice? D=

      Your comment is waiting on moderation

        This comment has been deemed inappropriate and has been deleted.

      No idea why. Normally our system automatically approves people who have had three comments pass through moderation successfully. I'll keep an eye out for you and report it as a bug if I keep seeing you.

        Cheers Luke :D

        I have bought this topic up before (yay me) it is strange that i can comment so many times without it having to go for moderation then all of a sudden it hits.

        Is it something where every so often a random comment goes for moderation to see if no one is abusing the system? A design feature if you will, or as you said a bug in the commenting system.

    I went hands-on with the new Panasonic Lumix cameras yesterday. We should get a hands-on/review piece up either today or tomorrow, but what I found fascinating is that you don't need to have a lot of skill or a lot of money to take great photos anymore. That's not just for the Panasonic though, btw, it's for all cameras coming out now. Auto modes are a lot smarter than they were five years ago, and it's something that really impresses me.

    What do you guys use for photos?

    The Ouya is turning out to be a pretty decent media machine, they have announced that it will come pre installed with XBMC and Plex and a few other media streaming apps.

    For $99 it seems pretty cheap for a home streaming device, and because i got in quickly i dont have to suffer the bullshirt "Australia Tax" if it comes to be sold in stores.

      That sounds cool as heck, a cheap xbmc box. But with development and lead times and the fact I am not sold on the background of I don't think I'll get one.

        I think that they can make the March delivery date, they have Muffi Ghadiali, who iirc was one of the main guys at Amazon who developed the Kindle line and Yves Behar, and Fuseproject who designs commercial electronics.

        The team at Ouya have the skill to pull off this task and the added bonus of an extra $6 million should get things moving along quite nicely.

        I believe that a lot of people think that they designed this thing to be a xbox, PS3 killer but in reality is more of a platform for indie developers who dont want to go through the hoops to get their game out there as XBLA and PSN.

        Anyways as of commenting the Kickstarter campaign has about 50 minutes left to go.

          Sorry mistake. For indie developers who dont want to go through the hoops to get their game out there as for on XBLA and PSN.

            Ouya looks great for gaming, but if you want a cheap XBMC box, why not just jailbreak an Apple TV?

              Actually now that I've said it, I'm not sure if the latest version of iOS for Apple TV has a JB available yet...This will require some research...

                I already have a jailbroken Apple TV 2 with XBMC installed but the Ouya will have it already pre installed and not have to dick around jailbreaking , which for Apple TV jailbreaking isnt as easy as an iPhone or iPad.

                  Have to say I'm coming around to the idea of this Ouya thing - seems to be getting the partners it needs. When they announce partnership with Rdio I'll get really excited. As you say it is becoming a fully fledged media box without the need for root or sideloading dodgy un-optimized apps.

                  April 2013 though?? We'll have quantum computers embedded in our skulls by then! ;)

                I would buy one in a heartbeat if I could but only aptv2 (which is unfortunately only 720p) and below are jb-able.

                Atv3 is inadvertently apple's most secure device to date. I'd like to get an atv2 but asking price for them nowadays is 170 plus.

                  Also, I've just finished my parts list for my RPi to run xbmc Total cost for it is around 80 dollars. (though it doesn't have a case) with three most expensive pieces out side the board itself is twelve dollars.

              Ouya looks great for gaming, but if you want a cheap XBMC box, why not just jailbreak an Apple TV?

              @Luke - I'm not sure what benefit this offers. For starters, as you point out ATV3 hasn't been jailbroken. The price advantage of an ATV over the Ouya's $99 price tag isn't a huge one. Ouya works with XBMC out of the box, something ATV won't do and Apple will do everything in their power to prevent. Ouya also has the added advantage that it also doubles as a gaming system.

              Unless I'm missing something, I really don't see what ATV offers that Ouya can't.

      When you start posting comments too rapidly, it does this: http://imgur.com/tGZUE

      Not sure why it straight away drops into moderation, but I'm moderating every 20 or so minutes so it usually gets cleared quickly.

        I haven't seen that error before, i have had the "oops, it looks like you have already said that" when you double post.

        I suppose the rapid posting error is to stop spammers jamming up the commenting system.

    Anybody see Malcolm Turnbull give his spin on how the Coalition hooks people up to the new Fiber Optic system? According to him they will make it so you get your copper connection hooked up to the cable on the street instead of fiber to the street. I would have thought that given you would still need to dig a ditch, you may as well just go with the newer system?

      What he is saying, is that it will be fibre to the node. No more digging after that. Well there is no digging of cables in the street to put fiber in anyway. It all gets pulled through exsisting ducts or hung on power poles ect where underground cabling is not already there. It's cheaper, but it's also not future thinking as copper has a shorter life than fiber and speed is obviously slower. "Why give people speeds and bandwidth now, that they will need for in the future?" (Thats the general view point I get from Turnbull)

        I don't know about you, but my phone line is fed from the telephone pole. If they are going to connect by feeding the cable up the pole and into my home and all the others in the area, there will be an obvious conduit, which will be a nice little prank for asshats to go along and just chop the things. Sure they could cover it with a heavier metal conduit but that adds again to the cost. Besides that you need a device in each location that can handle the conversion. All these things add to the expense.

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