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    So I put up the Padfone review today y'all. Did anyone expect more? I didn't even know what to expect. Does anyone have one?

      Great work on the updates to that review Luke, great that you don't just write something up and forget about it.

      I have been interested in the Padfone but haven't bought one as I have a TF101 and a recent Android phone so it's not a great time to upgrade for me (the wife would love it though).

      I'm waiting for the next iteration of this concept - the Padfone 2 I guess. The idea of your phone being the only "computer" you have that you carry with you everywhere and just "dock" into bigger monitors and other peripherals at work or in your lounge or wherever seems to me to be the future.

      The question I guess is whether we will see ubiquitous wireless sharing and pairing (tap your NFC phone on your TV and your phone's screen appears on the TV, in "tablet optimized mode" controlled from your couch with gestures picked up by the TV's webcam) before devices like the Padfone hit their stride.

      Also, with the rumours of Android having multiple user logins enabled in the next update:
      The hassle that the Padfone negates (losing the data on your phone when you start using your tablet) could be negated anyway.

      Sorry - long answer to a simple question!

        Thanks Chumly. I'm planning a follow-up when we get our hands on the James Bond-like stylus too.

        As far as NFC content sharing goes, that was integrated really well into the last generation of webOS devices: The Pre3, Veer and TouchPad. So awesome, but it wasn't meant to be.

    went to the drive in on sunday night, saw battleship. wasn't what I expected but I didn't mind it.

    not sure, we actually went to see the snow white movie, which was
    the first part of a double feature. having not really paid
    attention to any advertising for battleship I thought it would be
    set in space.

      hahaha, nice.

        For all I know, it is in space. The most I know about Battleship is that it features Rihanna and some robots. Or are they the same thing?

    I'm still a bit disappointed in KODAK USA shutting down - I mean really how hard is it to make a15 inch digital camera with a one million megapixel imaging capacity and sell it for a hundred dollars - That way people can take their own photographs of the moon landing sites - from earth - and not be bothered with whether NASA is spinning us a pile of propaganda.

      EXACTLY. These companies have been holding out on us for years!!!

      Seriously though, it's companies like Kodak and Polaroid that failed to innovate and now they're paying the price for their hubris.

      Still, Kodak had a lot of professional stuff going at the top end of the motion picture market, so it's a shame it couldn't even get that to work.

    So I came home tonight to find a package here waiting for me. No idea what on earth it could have been, but then I opened it up and found a Rise of the Planet of the Apes blu-ray/DVD. Guess my message in regards to the comp back in December finally got through :P Cheers, Giz.

    Now if only I could get Namco to send me a prize I managed to score back in January...

      You're plenty welcome MrTaco. Sorry about the issues with that. We never want to leave a comp winner behind! What's the deal with Namco? What did you get?

        Scored an invite to the Soul Calibur V preview thing they held at the start of the year. Just my luck, my raffle ticket was one of the five to be pulled out of the box at the end of the night :P Got a whole pile of assorted swag, but they took down our addresses and preference of platform so we could get a copy of the game shipped out once it released. No idea if it got sent and lost, or just forgotten about or what. I only ever seem to get a chance to ring up/call in and ask about it when everyone is away or otherwise occupied.

    So I made the plunge this week and grabbed myself an ultrabook using tax return money. First new laptop about 3 years. Can’t say I’m disappointed so far :)

      Woooo! Heck yes for tax return money. I haven't done my tax in ages. I probably should.

      What did you pick up and what did you have before?

        I ended up grabbing a HP Folio 13-1016TU. Reviews around the web (including CNet AU) said it was about the best all-rounder in the budget end of the market (it certainly leaves the Acer Aspire S3 for dead). I'm certainly happy with it so far, even if it's not setting any new benchmark records any time soon.

        I was considering the higher model with a Core i5 inside, but there's only 200MHz clock difference, and turbo boost present on the i5 which the i3 missed out on. Otherwise the specs are identical, and it didn't warrant the $150+ price difference.

        As far as what I was running before, it's embarrassing to even talk about - a Dell Lattitude D620. Nothing about that laptop was ever a pleasant experience to use, other than the fact it fit nicely within the 13"-14" form factor I like. That said I got it cheap (i.e. free) through work, so I really shouldn't complain.

      Which Ultrabook did you go with Sam? I'm thinking of doing the same thing -- only holding off for Windows 8 to see if the Asus Tai Chi becomes a reality:

        See above.

        The Tai Chi is a seriously nice bit of kit; though I have kids - something with two screens is at least twice as likely to end up broken :P

    'Australia Tax Inquiry' related -- Taking the USD/AUD conversion into account, we're paying a 40% markup on this iD/Bethesda on Steam - $99 USD bundle (134 AUD).

    The Rage. Especially so, since Rage is included.

      I hear you man. That said -- grab Skyrim for US$30 right now!

    Hi peeps!
    We're starting to think about a Father's Day Gift Guide here a Giz...
    Possible themes include:
    - BBQ + Kitchen Gadgets and
    - Awesome Last Minute Gifts

    Any ideas? We'll give you props in the story if you've got a gem!

      Raspberry Pi. Mine's already on order for Father's Day so I can spend my Sunday building a XBMC/RaspBMC box to replace my current tired old media streamer. Even better yet, I was just reading that HDMI-CEC in RaspBMC should play nicely with my Sony Bravia - so I can look at retiring my Harmony :D

        Father's Day - if either of my kids bought me these i'd be surprised as hell but over the shiny white moon.

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