Which Apps Do You Actually Use On Your Tablet?

There are roughly twelve-zillion apps out there, and with so many of them available for free, it's easy to accumulate a hearty inventory. But how many of the apps on your tablet do you actually use? Like, more than just once. Regularly.


    Twitter. Religiously.

      I've owned about 6 tablets and always ended up selling them because they don't get enough use to justify keeping them. However DSLR Controller is awesome and the sole reason I bought a Nexus 7 and I don't regret it at all!

        Totally agree with you there. I loved my A500... for a while. Now it's just unloved, except for when I travel, but DSLR controller is incredible


    iAnnotate for uni annotations, Dropbox, Twitter, Safari, Gplayer, some games incld infinity blade ii

    Angry birds, Turn in radio, the alarm clock, an email app, Amazon kindle reader, Facebook, the stock web browser. They're the most regular right now.
    Everything else is only occasional... and out of occasional apps, there are probably only about 10 at most in that group anyway.

    Stickmount, ES File Explorer, MX Video Player, Flow free, Stock browser, Gmail, Youtube

    DAILY: moon reader+, greader pro, gmail, pocket, chrome, acalendar, tvshow faves,...REGULARLY: ziplist, software data cable, winamp, mxplayer, evernote

    iBooks, all the time for both sheet music and books
    Safari, has replaced my computer for Internet browsing
    Facebook, always
    Now playing, stream movies from my AirPort Extreme

    Facebook, dolphin, oztv, net bank, Dropbox, afl app and kindle.

    App Store

    On my iPad I use Safari the most, Facebook, IMDb, Kindle, YouTube, AVPlayerHD

    Aldiko, new beta of Feedly, Friendcaster, Maps, ezPDF reader, Final Fantasy 3

    How do you find apps? On my phone, I don't really even look unless I have a specific need but it occurs to me that my phone could probably be far more useful if I knew exactly what was out there. It was hard enough to find things when there were only 10,000 apps, now it's impossible, even looking via my PC.

    I bought 2 new top end laptops last November. I didnt want to share ( the geek inside me confuses her - herks understand... Anyway...) One for myself - the other for the wife. I also bought an iPad for a trip. Skip to today... My wife never turns on her laptop - addicted to Angry birds, Sudiko, facebook - email. It has all the functionality she wanted from her laptop... It streams music and radio from the server - she often goes to the app store and browse , but has become selective. Usually word of mouth is the biggest app advert.

      This article is titled 'Which Apps Do You Actually Use On Your Tablet?', not 'Tell us a boring story about how your wife uses her tablet'

    Email (Exchange account), Gmail, Twitter, Springpad, Kindle, Pocket Weather, Calendar, Press Display.

    I use mine to cruise the net in front of the TV at night. It would be nice though if the silly Gmail App worked like the Web page version though, they never really got that right. Oh and Angry birds is a nice time killer too! :)

    Evernote, PocketCloud Pro, Skitch and Trello (and the built-in Email client) are the apps that I exclusively use on the tablet. Everything else that I use I have on both my phone and tablet.

    But the main reason why I have a tablet is to provide more screen real estate for the mobile apps that I use. I couldn't imagine using any of the apps that I mentioned above on my phone as easily as I do on my tablet. A tablet serves as a good middle ground between a phone and laptop - especially when I need to RDP in to work to fix something when I have two ankle-biters clamouring to play!

    Pulse Reader & Comixology consistently.

    for those who have a media centre to record tv, air video is fantastic at streaming wtv files. incontrol is great for scheduling shows. must have apps. also, splashtop, apple remote, path, facebook (yeah i know), skype, facetime, luminance.

    Primary: Streamed, synchronised music around the house using logitech media server, remote control for media centre in media room and my room, remote control for streamed music around the house, streamed TV around the house anywhere.

    Secondary: Sitting in front of TV browsing stumbleupon/facebook/wikipedia/games.


    stock browser, play store, rdio, google music, stitchr, TuneIn, Kindle, Zinio, Currents, YouTube, Gallery, Crackle, TED, Maps, Earth, file manager, tTorrent, MyNet, Splashtop and crap loads of games.

    Free ones. Only free ones.

    Alien Blue, Facebook, iBooks, Numbers, Maps, Bible. Will probably start using the video apps a lot more once that telstra ultimate cable gets done at home.

    TF201 - Analytix HD, Google Analytix, Aldiko, instagram, chrome, quickpix.

    iBooks, TED, TED Books, iTunes U, Safari, Mail, Facebook, Flipboard

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