What's The Worst Gadget You Actually Paid For?

At some point in our lives, we all plunked down our hard-earned dollars on a gadget that turned out to be the world's biggest pile of crap. Maybe we didn't research well enough. Maybe we got bad advice.

Or maybe we were just viewing the object of our desire through a rose-tinted lens. Either way, we've all been burned. What's the one gadget purchase you wish you never made?


    Apple Newton.
    Beautiful design, total PITA to use.
    Ring any bells?

    PS3 - Xbox 360 is better in every single way.

      There's always one idiot in one of these types of posts. Try playing Heavy Rain or any of the Uncharted games on an Xbox mate. Or go throw a blu-ray in your xbox and ket me know how that works out tor ya. Each console has its own strengths and weaknesses... Grow up.

      Semi agree. When I got my PS3 it was mountains better than the Xbox. The Xbox was unreliable and had an awful UI. Now? The PS3 hasn't had any real update or change in main features in years, while the Xbox has continued to improve yearly. Also my PS3 has failed and been repaired 3 times now, so it doesn't seem any more reliable than a RROD old shape Xbox.

      If I could watch FTA TV and Bluray through the Xbox, I wouldn't need the PS3.

        Sold my PS3 last week, Ouya Hear I come!

    Wii, 'nuff said.

      My God yes. What a piece of sh*t for anyone who wants to play something beyond party or cartoony games.

        true, but now you can buy a preowned wii for like $80 I'd say there are enough decent games to justify a purchase now

    AppleTV 3... Without a JB its completely useless :(

      +2, have two of the damn things awaiting a JB

    I am sure there have been a few but the most recent would have to be Samsung Galaxy S3.... I thought hey might as well try an Android phone seems i have had an iPhone for the last 2 years and dont get me wrong its a great phone but when it comes to buying any accessories for it there is nothing available. EVERY store is riddled with iPhone accessories and gadgets but i cant get anything for the silly Samsung.

      eBay is your friend on this one!

        Yup! You could probably get a good price for it if it's still in good condition :)

        Oh, wait... I don't think that's what you meant.

        What a load of rubbish, I have had mine three days and the only accessories I havent been able to locate yet is a magnetic charger.

        There's no accessories because its a new phone, give it a month or two. Have some patience,geez.

          this! and what kind of accessories do you want? you're never going to get a dedicated docking station/alarm clock/makes you coffee in the morning with any android phone. That is just not where the android customers are.

      A. You're comparing a new phone to a phone that's been out for years. So not every retail store is going to stock the official Samsung accessories yet. Buy things online. It's cheaper.
      And B. It has a USB port. So it doesn't have to be a Galaxy S3 branded accessory to work with it. Most iPhone accessories that aren't 30pin connector only plug in devices (which are soon to all be obsolete anyway) will work with any mobile device. Having "made for iPhone" is typically just a marketing ploy to make sheep buy that persons product over a cheaper identical product.

        You are right but the Samsung has been out quite a while as well as many other phones that use micro-usb and even a generic charging dock is hard to come by in the shops. As you and Luke suggested getting it online seems to be the way to go just like most other items now days.

          Did you miss the part where he said just about any charger will work?

          here you go.there are thousands of android phones, you can't expect every random store that you go into to have every accessory for every phone, it is a very hott phone right now, but it's just implausible to go to stores looking to buy phone accessories.

        I forgot that any phone case ever will work because of the micro USB. Took me a month to get an otterbox for my GS3 because places like JB only seem to stock for iPhone.

      No accessories?? Where are you shopping? In a wheelbarrow or your refrigerator?? Look around mate, there be accessories everywhere!

    PS Vita — unless there's a serious influx of good games very soon...

    Not me specifically but my mate did buy an N-gage.

      *Secret Shame* I freakin' loved my n-gage.

        It would have been a great thing, if they hadn't made the fatal flaw of having to REMOVE THE BATTERY TO CHANGE A GAME!!!!

        I Loved my n-gage as well, my first one was stolen :( then I got a second generation one and it was the wrong frequency.... (I was young and stupid)

      I regret selling mine:(

    Minidisc player

      Bah to you, I loved my minidisc player.

        I always wanted a Minidisc player. Never got one. Could get one now I guess, but...

          Still got the first ever model Sony Portable and separates MD players... whack a few tracks on every so often. Love em :P

      I had a net HiMD
      thing was awesome 1GB discs, USB capability and played to 50hours plus on a single AA battery.
      Also used it to record high quality live music using the stereo mic accessory

      IMO, the only downside was the shitty sony proprietory software "Sonic Stage" which was completely incapable of managing a music library of any real size

    Drobo, with a DroboShare.....what a POS!

      I love my Drobo. Although I didn't buy a DroboShare - probably for the same reasons you hate yours.

        I was almost sucked into the Drobo 'awesomeness' when I first started researching NAS solutions. Thankfully my diligence and copious amounts of research steered me away... I finally ended up with the Synology DS1511+ and the DX510 - very happy.

    I used to think the little box you added to your keys and whistled at when you lost them was shit. Now I'd happily pay a large sum of money to own one.

      Oh yep, wish I hadnt tried to teach mine to swim. I thought they were great.

    Logitech Harmony One remote.. unfortunately due to a Giz lunchtime deal :)

    After setting it up with all my devices, I found I only needed two remotes anyway. One for my Beyonwiz PVR, and one for my Denon receiver, which only gets used for the on/off button.

    Even though both sit by me in the lounge room, I am invariably reaching across for the PVR remote.

      Harmony one Key layout is worse than their old Harmony 888. I've got both and don't like the Harmony One. The IR is also piss weak too and I'm constantly having to turn my projector on and off using the supplied remote.

    Nokia 5800 Xpress Music. Worst phone I have ever used, and I had to put up with it for two years on a contract.
    So bad that it has tainted Nokia for me forever

    I'm one of those people that researches before buying expensive gadgets...
    Plenty of other wasted purchases tho

    For me it would be the Wii, think I played it once. And a Mini Disc player. Totally thought they were going to take off lol

      I was a victim of the MiniDisc too, although it was extremely convenient to use at the time, just before the iPod took off. That's when I generously gave it to my little brother...

      mini disk. complete waist of $$.

        Me four :(

          me five,

          they were better than tapes though... until iPod etc... oh and not just a minidiscman, but also a minidisc mini hifi and the Alpine car MD player (yeah, I was pretty committed to the format!!) .... the Alpine is currently serving well as my garage stereo hooked up to a computer PSU.

            Hilarious! Thanks for sharing Rich.

            My dad has the same kind of rig... PSU, but with an 8-Track attached and some 40 yr old KEF speakers. I'd class the sound as gritty and nostalgic :)

    Blackberry Playbook

    Got to be Nokia n97 the thing squealed every time you touched it

      +1 for Nokia N97. Bought as an "upgrade" to my much loved N95. Big mistake!

        The phone that launched me toward Android

          loved my N95, still nothing I can think of that I do now that I couldn't do on that thing (if slower, chunkier and uglier).
          The N97 was SUCH a pig.

      God the n97 sucked... I was like no no , nokia's made great phones, I can't believe that it would be a dud... boy did I learn a harsh lesson. The good side was that I converted to android... never looked back!

    The battery "regenerator" (for alakline batteries). That was a load of croc!

    a player that i could plug my 3g (?) ipod with video into and it would play like a portable DVD player

    HP IPAQ rw6828 and still requiring therapy...

      I liked my ipaq, the software really let it down though. It was a good multimedia phone, i installed lots of apps, watched videos, took photos. decent for a windows mobile device at the time

    Palm OS handspring. Should have bought the m505 instead. It was $500!!

    EVERYTHING from daily deals sites.

      +9001 on that.

      My wife has been stung twice... and from the same company! She's learnt her lesson now though.

      And there was a little bit of 'I told you so' chucked in for good measure from my end.

    A Buffalo Linkstation NAS, what a world of pain that thing was!

    Hard to pick *the*worst from my top 3....

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