What Will You Do With A Touchscreen Ultrabook?

I didn't like the idea of touchscreen ultrabooks when the rumours first popped up, and now that they've arrived en masse, I still don't like 'em. Sure, the product itself is fine, and they work as they're supposed to, but the concept is just no good.

They don't fold, detach or convert. And given the rise of multitouch trackpads, regularly poking at a laptop screen seems like something that just won't be necessary.

So for those of you who want these things, tell me: what would you use the touchscreen for? I'm really curious.


    I have an ASUS Transformer, often still touch the screen when it's docked and when I use my ultrabook PC I find myself reaching to touch the screen too and then realise nothing is going to happen. So, I'll be happy with a touch screen Ultrabook - and some of them will be convertible/detachable too.

    Windows 8

      Enough Said

    Angry Birds. But seriously it's something the whole family can use.

    I've just bought a Gigabyte T1125P - it made sense to me since I will up to win8 - it's a swivel screen 11" lappy with dock. Since I will use it for presenting mostly and messing around on Win8 it made sense .

    Still not arrived however ..

    I'm going to go right ahead and laugh at it.

    I'll take your glossy, shiny screen with fingerprints all over it and hideous light-reflections, and raise you a matte screen.

    Current input devices are pretty awful. I'll be using it to navigate Windows 8.

    Just think of all those Japanese Adult game developers and the whole new world "touch" brings them!!! 8-o

    I think the Surface has got the balance right. Touch screen first, and the inclusion of a keyboard as the secondary input device.

    The problem I'm having is that I still like my laptops to have a bit of power should I want to do something resource intensive. I like the idea of touchscreen everything but don't like the idea of making everything a tablet, as manufacturers usually omit essentials - in my opinion - such as a discrete graphics chip or nicely spaced keyboard.

    Touchscreen ultrabook is like the perfect blend, it still has enough space to fit decently powered components, but will also function as a touch screen to make use of Windows 8's main features. I think I'd still rather the swivel top design - as long as it's done in a classy manner - to a straight out touchscreen though.

    Well I won't be 'pinching to zoom' that's for sure >.

    Judging by what my iPad using parents do to my laptop screen when they use it, the old, and the permanently baffled will regularly poke at the screen instead of using a mouse or trackpad.

    I agree completely with this. I have a tablet, and a laptop and they are used for different things. Yes, there is overlap, but I certainly don't want to use the screen on my laptop as a pointing device. I just know I'll end up with a wireless mouse.

    I'd rather use a touchscreen than even the best, most wonderful trackpad in existence. But I'd still prefer a mouse to either and I cannot imagine a time when that will change.

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