What Was Your First CD Purchase?

It's the 30th anniversary of the world's first CD today, and it got me thinking about my first CD purchase. It's a special time in a person's life when they buy their first CD with their own money. I know that when I bought my first CD I raced home, tore of the clear packaging and threw it into the player. That CD didn't see light outside of the tray for weeks. Sadly, upon reflection, it was a pretty embarrassing purchase.

It's tough to admit, but the first CD I bought with my own money was the single for CDB's "Let's Groove". I know. Shameful.

What was your first CD purchase?

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    Pretty sure it was the prodigy experience; after my cassette copy disappeared.

    Guns N Roses - Appetite for Destruction

    Iron Maiden Somewhere in Time. Bought it a year before I even owned a CD player!

    Achtung Baby. The same day I bought my first cd player too!

    Kim Wilde - If I can't Have You [CD Single]

    Mainly because of this [http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uSPiD4jCoBk] video clip.

    Prodigy ... second album (cant even remember name now)

    Midnight Oil - Red Sails in the Sunset. Still have the disc but don't listen to it that much anymore

    Faith no More - Angel Dust and SoundGarden - BadMotorFinger,

    My first CD purchase... was a present for my sister, I think? Or maybe it was a present for my girlfriend at the time.

    Since then I've bought a few other CDs, but never one in an actual shop. They were all random eBay things, videogame soundtracks which I bought for collection purposes. I think the first was the Smash Bros Melée one.

    Still haven't bought a "real" CD.

      Also haven't actually listened to any of the game CDs I've bought... I've listened to an MP3 rip of the de Blob soundtrack a fair few times, but I've only bought that on vinyl.

    Icehouse - Man of Colours when it was released. Still have it, and still love listning to that album. It had two remixes of "Crazy".

    I don't recall which disc I bought first, I bought about 10 at the same time. I do remember my first player, it was the model depicted at the head of the article, the Sony CDP-101. I bought it and the discs in Hong Kong in mid-1984 at a time when both players and discs were all but non-existent in Australia. I still have the player stashed away somewhere and no doubt whatever the discs were they are still here too among the hundreds that have joined them over the past 28 years.

    Boom crash opera - these here are crazy times 1989

    dunno about CDs but the first record I bought was a record of test sounds which acted as a source for a CRO I had. A poor man's oscillator.

    Jive bunny.... *hangs head*

    Jimmy Barnes - Two Fires

    The first Spice Girls album. Yep.

    im 16, when i was just able to remember we had one of those Sony CD Players, it was a STURDY piece of equipment, i was able to break everything, computers printers cups tTVs and the like, that's the only thing that withstood my young wrath of destruction....

    Dire Straits - On Every Street.
    I got it together with my CD player from Brashs.

    The Eagles Greatest hits (first CD I remember in the family home, and also I me mum had... Michael Bolton, nooooooo). First album I personally bought would of been the Mortal Kombat Official Soundtrack - still an awesome album!

    First CD single - Marvellous by The 12th Man
    First album - Joyride by Roxette

    Michael Jackson - Bad

    Still have it at home, only CD I've kept.

    Icehouse's Man of Colours, and in fact used the model below the pictured Sony CD player to play it!

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