What The Internet And Modern Medicine Really Cost Us

So we may not have gotten the future we wanted with flying cars, robot butlers and holidays on the moon. But we did end up with fantastic advances in science and modern medicine, and the internet. However, there was a catch. A very costly addition to the fine print that proves you don't get something for nothing. [DogHouseDiaries]


    The fact that we're still using oil tells us that the oil tycoons want to keep making money. They could easily make cars run 100 miles to the gallon, but why would they? They would lose BILLIONS, their oil empire couldn't sustain it's current juggernaut self.

      It's chemtrails..maannnnnn! The lizard people are behind it all

        i thought it was the rand cororation in conjuction with the reverse vampires

    meh, still want the jetpack

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