What Happened With The NBN This Week?

What Happened With The NBN This Week?

More claims of bias were aired this week, as academics takes a look at the best place to get NBN information from. The result may surprise you.

The Conversation ran a piece based on Senator Conroy’s comments a few weeks abo about mainstream media being biased against the National Broadband Network. The piece, written by professors from the University of Canberra, found that:

Of 51 published articles mentioning Senator Conroy over approximately the past six weeks indicates the AFR is certainly not a fan of the high-speed internet infrastructure project, nor of the Senator.

The two academics went on to add that Whirlpool Forum is actually one of the best places to get balanced information about the NBN.

While we’re on the topic of Senator Conroy, this week he announced an international roaming report with his opposite minister from New Zealand. During a Q&A session, New Zealand communications minister Amy Adams agreed that fibre to the home was in fact the best technology for future-proofing a country like Australia. Thanks for the vote of confidence, minister!

Finally, we heard breaking news this morning that NBN Co’s chief information officer had resigned. Best of luck to her and to NBN Co in their search for a replacement.