What Happened With The NBN This Week?

Malcolm Turnbull dropped by to talk about the Coalition's broadband plan, and Huawei wants back into the NBN project. The big question is: what would the Coalition do about the Huawei decision?

Malcolm Turnbull took to the American Chamber of Commerce in Australia to talk about the NBN business model and how the Coalition views the world.

Turnbull was asked at the time how a Coalition government would have handled the Huawei situation.

Huawei was banned from tendering for NBN contracts a little while ago after ASIO told the Prime Minister that the company posed a security risk due to close ties with the Chinese government. Malcolm said that a Coalition government would reassess the decision. Interesting.

Huawei, meanwhile, has gone and asked the government to reassess the decision, with a senior executive this week saying that the company just wanted a fair go.

Meanwhile, the NBN is probably going to help you get a better viewing experience the next time the Olympics comes around.

This week's blast from the past came from a 1953 news article about the Snowy Hydro scheme. Turns out that it sounded a lot like the NBN at the time.



    So, you will be able to watch swimming, repeats of swimming, analysis of swimming, discussions about swimming quite swimmingly. Channel 9 had better gear up for another rivetting Olympics coverage.

    And still dragging out old stuff?

    The coverage of this olympics was disgraceful: 2 seconds of boxing and never ending horse-riding!

      As an Aussie living in London during the Olympics and having experienced Channel 9's woeful coverage of the 2010 Winter Olympics, all I can say is the BBC did it spot on. Online streaming of every second of event allowing viewers to watch whatever the hell they want - FOR FREE - is pretty hard to top.

      I truly feel for anyone back home who had to endure Eddie's cringe-worthy commentary on how much money the athletes must be making from sponsorship :/

    The NBN is, or soon will be, vital infrastructure and claiming otherwise is nothing more than an attempt to discredit the government.

      Yeah, you tell 'em Juliar, um I mean "April". Wink wink. ;) Soon as in 2020? Nice. As long as you're in a marginal labor seat, ay Juliar. Nobody needs to attempt to discredit the government. They're doing a great job all one their own.

        Juliar because she reneged on the carbon tax as a condition to form a minority government?

    Haven't you got it ?
    It is not about you and me, it is about business great and small, opportunity and a foundation for our future.
    The party that plaintively bleats about opportunity and enterprise intends to cripple that, why?, and what is worse is the taxpayer will be paying thru the nose to subsidise their Play School option

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