What Are The First Apps Any Android User Should Install?

Mark over at Kotaku took the plunge and bought a Nexus 7 tablet on the weekend. Jolly good purchase, that. It's a product we like a great deal, but already there's a problem. This is Mark's first Android device. He's been iOS for as long as he's had a smartphone and doesn't know which apps he should be downloading. I told him that the Giz AU community would be more than happy to help out. What are the first apps any Android user should be installing?

We've covered essential Android tablet apps before, but we're talking the absolute must-haves. What are yours?


    Swords and Soldiers - quirky fun 2D RTS
    World of Goo - sure you know this one already
    Where's my Water - picked it up for 99c, fun puzzle game, would have paid full price.
    Cut the Rope - Another fun puzzle game, worth getting

    I've been using Google Books, how does that compare to kindle?

      +1 to World of Goo.

      Sprinkle Free is a fun couple of hours.

      i-nigma is the most reliable barcode scanner I've tried.

      MX Player for playing media

      Sky Maps

      Try the Swiftkey trial; I have it on my phone and it's the best 99ยข I've ever spent.

    Google music
    Friendcaster if you use Facebook
    Tune in radio
    The gotleib pinball game,can't remember the name right now

    Ovo (timer)
    The Verge

    It's a very personal thing, so I don't know if my choices would help. But let me say this: try looking for your essential iOS apps in Play Store. Most likely, developers have already got them covered due to the ever wider adoption of Android. Many of my must-have apps on ICS are either built-in or preceded by their iOS versions, such as Instagram, instapaper, Flipboard, etc.
    Since Chrome is built-in in JellyBean on Nexus 7, I really have nothing to add.
    Good luck with the search.

    Serrels looks lik he's been chuggin gigabytes :P

    ComicRack for Android is a great comic/manga reading app, plus you can wirelessly sync it with your PC comics

    Dolphin - Browser
    ezPDF Reader - Best PDF Reader/Editor
    FBReader - Book Reader
    SwiftKey 3 - Keyboard
    ACV - Comic Reader
    Emit - Streaming Video
    WeChat - QQ

    This days consumer: buying then thinking what for. ))))

    aTorrent by all means aTorrent .
    Zedge is great for wallpapers.
    Power amp is very good for music.
    Get kobo or adioko for an rook reader, play books you can't put your own books on.
    Weatherzone has a nice widget.
    And emulator apps GET THEM GET THEM NOW. Super gnes, gba.emu just get some.

    He should download the "picture of an angry man holding a tablet" app!

    Cant believe no one has mentioned Google Currents

      Probably because flip board shytes all over it

    When ever I install a new rom, or recently when I purchased my nexus 7... Pocket is always my first app

    As it is a Nexus 7 and if its running Jelly Bean - then probably NONE, NOTHING, Zilch, Nada.
    It's got everything essential and they are all (mostly) just excellent - Google Now is a simple killer, Android browser is so good you forget you are using it,gmail is also fine.
    ROM Toolbox if you must
    File Expert is worth getting.
    Facebook Messenger
    I like Mobisle notes.
    Maybe Camera 360
    Tweet Lanes for Twitter is outstanding (free for life if you get it now)
    I look at Breaking News 3 or 4 times a day.

    File Manager by Rhythm Software is another file manager alternative. I tried ES Explorer but went straight back to this. Support root browsing (turn on in options).

    why is my Sg3 now talking to me when in browsers or even some games, it lets me know what thaey are, its quite annoying. Have i turned something on or recently i installed Chrome for Mobile, would that be doing it. Anyone?

    Tubemate - Youtube downloader

    Maps (If not already installed)

    Goggles - QR Reader (Great for barcodes, QR codes, and books)

    MX Player (Much better than most. Simple and has volume and brightness control via touch sliding the screen)

    Spotify (If you prefer streaming music. PS I use offline mode, download once)

    SwitchPro Widget (A nice multi-function widget bar)

    BS Player: plays everything I've thrown at it including HD content.

    People recommend MX PLayer but they lost their licence for DTS audio. Half of my content has DTS so MX Player was useless.

    Hope you enjoy your N7as much as I do mine.

    GMD gesture control !!! Jango (peronalized music radio streaming).

    Have been enjoying a Nexus 7 for a few weeks now: Chrome is already installed of course, and it works just wonderfully (other tablets might not yet have ICS, as was pointed out above). Firstly, do add the Nova Prime launcher: it just makes management, browsing, gestures, the dock, etc, all work really well.

    iPhone users will already be familiar with many of these apps: Evernote, Kindle app, Pocket, Pulse, YouTube of course, BBC News, Sky News, Google Reader, Twitter, Skype: basically I want similar functionality between devices. I still use my iPhone, so generally I want the same stuff to be available. The cloud apps too: Dropbox, Box, and Drive are all the same (more or less!).

    The big plus with Android of course is that you can tweak and twiddle with the screen layout. As a big Evernote user, I have a large widget of the app on my Nexus home screen. Such things of course are dependent on what's important to you!

    Chrome is also good for producing short cuts to web sites (you have to search for this a bit, but it is there!), though with the gestures from Nova added I can just double click from anywhere to go to Chrome. I do still have six short cuts to my most visited web sites on my home screen.

    Have added iPlayer too: you might need to search the web to get this info, but it can be done, and it works just great. The screen size is just great for viewing video.

    Have added Tasker, but really played with it enough just yet. Interested to see that above others recommend Llama for automation too. Thanks for the info, will have a look at that.

    Happy days with the Nexus 7: a great tablet!

    If you're in Melbourne, you cant go past TramHunter...

    To read comics, I tried Perfect Viewer and ComiCrack, they are quite OK.
    But the best reader is Challenger Comics Viewer. You don't have to click to go to next pages. Pages are automatically loaded.
    In landscape Mode, Vertical scrolling is awesome.
    It support also Webdav so I could have an access to my comics from the cloud (like 4shared.com).
    All options are present like zoom, library, history, ...

    Simply the best reader.

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