What A Picture In A Picture In A Seemingly Endless Loop Of More Pictures Looks Like

How to have fun on the internet: when a friend takes a picture with a picture of a girl inside a monitor, you take a picture of that picture and you make someone else take a picture of your picture and keep going on an endless loop that'll be like a picture in picture in picture in picture. This went on for 55 pictures. Watch the fun above.

In the words of Paul Weber, the genius who pulled this off:

A few weeks ago (as of today August 2012) a friend of mine from Ohio posted a hilarious picture of himself posing next to a monitor with a picture of some unnamed girl. Before I even had a chance to "like" it he has already taken it down citing "Mal is pissed."

Much to my delight 10 minutes later there was a picture of his roommate and co-worker posing with a monitor with the original picture. I thought this was so funny that I had to get in the act from all the way in Washington DC. A few more of his co-workers, and a few more of mine later, and we had tapped out our co-worker resources.

They eventually jumped onto Facebook and Reddit for more picture help. You can see the whole album here. [YouTube via PetaPixel]



    I guess the next step is to loop it and make it a desktop background - for a colleague whom you don't like so much ...

    If the cameras were infinite resolution and the displays were also infinite resolution, you'd see the first photo within the last photo. That'd blow my mind.

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