Week In Review: Optus 4G, Cloning Dinosaurs and AAPT's Data Breach

We saw some huge telco news this week, including a data breach from AAPT and Optus' announcement that its 4G network is live around Sydney and Perth.

Optus Expands 4G Network

Perth and Sydney are now drenched in 4G coverage from Optus. The telco announced this week that the network had gone live after a lengthy trial in Newcastle and the successful refarming of its 2G network. It's not going live in Melbourne just yet, though. Refarming operations are still underway.Read More

Microsoft Gives Hotmail A Hot Makeover

Outlook.com is Microsoft's attempt at rebranding Hotmail, and it's truly beautiful. Have you switched yet? Read More

Jurassic Palmer

For those not familiar with the CV of mining billionaire Clive Palmer, you could be forgiven for thinking this sounds a bit out there, but sources close to the man himself are reporting that Palmer wants to clone a dinosaur from DNA and release it in his resort in Coolum, Queensland. Welcome…to Jurassic Palmer. Read More

Anonymous Leaks AAPT User Data

Anonymous has been threatening to leak the data from a prominent Austarlian telco for coming up on a fortnight, but this week the hacktivists made good on their threat. Read More

Most Entertaining Story

Saucy Cats

Nothing is cuter than baby MasterChef. Nothing. Read More

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