Week In Review: Curiosity Rover's Upgrades, Mystery Islands, Lost Pyramids

If NASA can give the Curiosity Rover a software update from literally millions of kilometres away, why can't I get phone coverage at my house? Also, mystery islands surfaced off the coast of New Zealand and Pyramids, once lost to time, have been spotted from space.

The Touch Mouse Makes Windows 8 Adorable

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<a href="http://www.gizmodo.com.au/2012/08/australian-guy-invents-a-fix-for-the-iphones-changing-dock-connector/"

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Aussie Inventor Solves Your iPhone Dock Problems

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They're NASA And They Know It

Because why shouldn't NASA get in on all the shuffling action?Read More

Curiosity OS 2.0

Here's looking at you, Aussie telcos.Read More

Mystery Island Discovered Close To Home

I shall call it "Gizmodo Island".Read More

Lost Pyramids Discovered From Space

Google just rendered Indiana Jones obsolete. My childhood is dead.Read More

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