Watch The Special Forces Raid On Kim Dotcom

The usual police response to copyright infringement is a stern notice and a fine. But if you're Kim Dotcom, with the ire of the FBI against you, you get a raid bigger than the one that killed Bin Laden. It was all caught on camera.

While Kim and his family were sleeping, multiple helicopters, police vans, dogs and heavily armed New Zealand special law enforcement agents stormed his home. Dotcom alleges he was punched, kicked and pinned to the ground by Kiwi cops, who say the massive use of force was justified because Dotcom could have destroyed evidence. But as Kim is quick to point out, the FBI had already seized his data centre -- and all the MegaUpload evidence along with it.

An ongoing investigation will determine whether the huge police strike was justified, but as you can see in the courtroom footage above, New Zealand's government is dubious of this American-spurred mega-raid, more fitting for a drug kingpin than an MP3 pirate. [3 News]


    Why couldn't they have just sent a single polite policeman around to his house with a warrant? Governments, police... are supposed to be our (public) servants not our masters.

      Because it was coordinated by the American FBI. Anything short of a mega-budget, cast of thousands, Hollywood Blockbuster would have been down right un-American.

    The show of force could be a warning to others, by using him as an example maybe the thought it would scare others into abandoning their "illegal" ways.

      Exactly and it worked, go to TVliks now and it's only dead links.

    Great to see New Zealand totally and utterly boot licking subservient and relinquishing it's sovereignty to a foreign police organisation and using grossly excessive force to catch some fat guy who MIGHT have contributed to a Batman movie being copied. N.Z., you rule.....err, hang on, no.....N.Z. you suck.

    What they didn't fast-rope down? Disappointing.

    I am assuming my previous comment will banned by American loving Gizmodo moderators.

    So, "The fact that the NZ government would allow the FBI to dictate their requests, and further more follow up by actioning those demands is reprehensible. The show of force against this innocent and lovely man is abhorrent, despicable and needs to be condemned.

    This was hopefully a wake up call for those companies storing information in America, to go out and source other data centre locations. I would recommend that Australia become the place to host information if possible, our laws are still not draconian (to the extent of the US), and our inter-country exchange fibres are well suited to shuttle this data through to CDN networks overseas.

    Let us stand up to American imposed authority and take a stance against American terrorism.

      It wasn't banned because we "love 'merica", wsDK. You'll see it was approved. For the record, I couldn't give two shits about where people come from. I'm an English-born Australian citizen for goodness sake, and nobody cares about that.

        Luke, the world is starting to grow a bit tired of America and its BS.

    Absolutely appalling behaviour from NZ cops...bending over and taking it up the pooper from the FBI. Relinquishing all power to a foreign agency with no regard to the civil liberties of a NZ citizen...shame on you (NZ cops). Imagine what the world has to fear from the self appointed "world police" had the SOPA bill been passed in congress (btw which was defeated just that week)...and this still happened. Heads must roll over this!!!

    Cue the A-Team intro !
    Nearly fell off my chair laughing while watching this.

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