Watch Patrick Stewart, Pro Olympic Ticket Scalper, Get The Better Of Simon Pegg

The London Olympics are coming to a close and what better way to celebrate than with a thematic comedy video featuring Patrick Stewart, Simon Pegg and Maisie Williams. The first two you're probably familiar with, Williams, however, is more recognisable as Arya Stark from HBO's TV translation of Game of Thrones.

In this clip, we follow Stewart, a grubby-looking, professional ticket scalper and his trusty sidekick (Williams), as he details various methods of swindling his would-be customers.

Considering the quality of talent in the video, the audio is not the greatest -- especially in the beginning -- but it does improve as the clip goes on. I urge you to stick with it, because the last minute is hilarious and definitely worth the build-up.

[Funny Or Die]


    Hahahahah now that is funny

    Hmm. Love Patrick Stewart, Simon Pegg, & Maisie Williams, but that sketch just didn't quite work for me.

    William Shatner was a better Tout.

    ryan lochtie ....why bother with that boof.

    "I f*&^ing loved you in STAR WARS" - that was the best bit.

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