Watch Bryan Singer’s Incredible New Web Series H+ Right Now

Watch Bryan Singer’s Incredible New Web Series H+ Right Now

If you haven’t heard of the new web series H+, you’re seriously missing out. It tells the story of a world where humans have implanted themselves with a revolutionary new device known as the H+ Nano, which augments your body and allows you to interact with the world and the internet in a way that sees the screen overlaid on your eyes. Adoption is massive, so what happens when a hyper-connected humanity goes offline?

The first two episodes have just been uploaded to YouTube, and the visual effects in the series are amazing. If you’ve ever been impressed by Google Glass, for example, you’ll love H+.

H+ is directed by Stewart Hendler of Halo 4: Forward Unto Dawn fame and stars John Cabrera of Gilmore Girls, Alexis Denisof of The Avengers and Hannah Simone of New Girl.

New episodes are set to be uploaded to YouTube two at a time every Thursday at 7pm AEST starting from August 16. 48 episodes have been shot and the finale will premiere in January 2013.

Bryan Singer said that the best thing about H+ is that as the series goes on, viewers will be able to rearrange the viewing order of the series to focus on different aspects of the show:

“This multifaceted, sci-fi series is perfect for the internet as it tells the story from different characters’ perspectives — jumping from time, place and viewpoint as the narrative comes together. These short, addictive episodes each end with a cliffhanger. As more episodes debut, the audience has the unique ability to rearrange them sequentially or by characters’ storylines or locations, so that they can retell our story in their own preference.

Scroll further down to watch the first two episodes, and subscribe on YouTube if you don’t want to miss an ep.

Episode One: Driving Under


Episode Two: On Their Level