Watch A Galaxy S III And iPhone 4S Compete In A 'Get Dragged Behind A Car' Test

Samsung and Apple are going head to head in court right now, so doesn't it make sense for the Galaxy S III and the iPhone 4S to go head to head behind a speeding car? OK, maybe it doesn't follow, but it's fun to watch.

This is the first ever "Drag Race Scratch Test" in which YouTuber aperfectgalaxy submits both phones to dragging hell and sees which comes out the least demolished. On top of the whole phone-dragging thing, our host is delightful, even if his footage is jittery as hell and makes you feel like you've just had 16 cups of coffee too many. [YouTube via Redmond Pie]



    Wow. I was going to buy an iPhone 4S, but now that I know that I can't drag it behind my car over a gravel road without damaging it on my way to work each day, I'm just going to have to buy the GS3. Thanks for such a practical demonstration of real world use! ;-)

    All handheld apple devices lack durability, it's a common fact. But that guy didn't really need to rub it in apple's face about it, of course gorilla glass is the best interface screen out there.

      It's the cost of having a glass interface. It makes for the best interface IMHO, it's exactly like I imagined the interfaces in Star Trek TNG to be like. But it also means we are carrying glass around with us all day, so the more careless among us are more likely to break theirs. It's totally worth the trade off I think. And the glass is very durable, so long as you don't break it. With normal usage it won't wear or scratch. Drop it on a rock and it will shatter. These aren't kids toys. Though there are Fisher Price cases that are made of chunky plastic, almost impossible to break the glass with two inch plastic balls in each corner.

        I've had a phone with glass since 2007 and I've never cracked one yet, I don't get the problem? Even if it was 10 times as fragile, I'd still prefer it for how it looks and feels :)

    Going by the urgency in his voice I think he may have just stolen his test phones.

      hahahahah, I was trying to think of what to say about his manner, but that beats what I had.

    That is a really flawed test. Both phones are made of the same material. The iPhone screen is easily removable and replaceable from the virtually bullet proof stainless steel bezel. The Samsung is made of plastic so it's lighter for it's size but no where near as strong or repairable. The shape of the galaxy s screen means the edges of the screen are destroyed in this test but the middle part of the screen is ok. But it's not a real world scenario and in common drops I would be sure the iPhone is much stronger and more repairable.

      This comment has been deemed inappropriate and has been deleted.

        Obvious homophobe is obvious. Grow up.

          Thankyou Giz :)

      I beg to differ, the galaxy S III has a interface screen called Gorilla Glass, in which it isn't plastic, just not normal glass like the iPhone displayed in this video. Gorilla glass is a highly scratch resistant and durably flexible glass screen for shock absorption and press pressure. Your claims as to repair either phones is naught, since I also repair such devices and they are both the same way if not broken frequently.

        Early iPhones did use Gorilla Glass, but since then Apple doesn't release the information on the glass used. No one knows which brand the iPhone uses now, but I would think it is Gorilla Glass equivelabt.

    Its funny because the iPhone has gorilla glass as well, just the previous generation of it.


        +1 to Harvz

        ummm yes actually. Algy is 100% correct.

        From Wikipedia:

        In 2006, while developing the first iPhone, Apple discovered that keys placed in a pocket with the prototype could scratch its hard plastic surface – and resolved to find a glass sufficiently scratch-resistant to eliminate the problem. When Steve Jobs subsequently contacted Wendell Weeks, the CEO of Corning told him of the material the company had developed in the 1960s and subsequently mothballed.

        Despite the CEO's initial concern that the company could manufacture sufficient quantities for the product debut, Jobs convinced Weeks to produce the glass and Corning's Harrodsburg, Kentucky factory supplied the screens for the product's release in June 2007.

        Thereafter, Corning further developed the material for a range of smartphones and other consumer electronics devices for a range of companies.

        In early 2012, Corning announced Gorilla Glass 2, a glass 20 percent thinner than the original material offering the same scratch resistance, the same strength and enhanced touch-sensitivity.

          Not at present, explained:

          At CES earlier this year, Corning revealed its Gorilla Glass 2 which it purports to be thinner/lighter/stronger than current Gorilla Glass by up to 20%. That, no doubt, will make it to Apple’s products in the near future. (Stated on March 2, 2012)

          Please check your information before posting.

            You need to check your own facts. The fact is that Alby indicates that earlier iPhones did use Gorilla Glass, which as those wiki sources will attest to, is 100 percent true.

              I was stating that by Alby's information seem to be mislead that the test on both gorilla glass 1 and 2 are basically the same strength, in which the video presented differently, by my information it states that gorilla glass 2 is 20% stronger. Forgive me if I explained this wrong. I agree with Anon also on the design of the phone frame seems to also be part of the the durability.

                Just looking at his post now, he doesn't mention Gorilla Glass 2 at all. No one here has actually, besides you.

                  Which comment are you referring too? The iPhone in the video which is a 4S uses the Gorilla Glass 1 or something similar, NOT 2. I was stating that Gorilla Glass 2 has 20% more strength than the Gorilla Glass 1, why else would the iPhone break, besides the frame design.

    Its more to do with the design of the phone. The total surface of the Galaxy 3 is not entirely flat as it tapers at the edges and are also rounded off. Its noticeable when trying to find a screen protector that fits. Newer ones are fibe but first iterations decided to cover the whole front and the edges would come up and stay level and pick up dirt beneath regardless of application prowess. The iphone on the other hand is completely flat and its more distinct/sharper edges can get caught and damage in this way. Its like a brick vs a bodyboard

    Oh Geoff, You're a crazy man and an even crazier driver.

    wtf? why do people do this? Youtube hits? what could someone possibly benefit out of this video other than 2 completely screwed phones.

      Advertising revenue. if he gets enough hits the cost of destroying the phones will be outweighed by revenue. Same thing goes for will it blend and drop tests.

    Nice advert. Of course, I don't want to see adverts in my Gizmodo.

    KizerKaze, the FACT is, this is a totally random "test". Dragging 2 phones behind a car to reveal their various strenghts is just entertainment. and proves nothing. For this to anything other than that they would need to remove all variables and subject each phone to identical stresses.

    TBH, I couldn't care less which one passed, they're both great phones. My objection is the misrepresentation of entertainment as providing anything other than a distraction and offering it up as proof of something which it is not.

      Thankyou. Spot on. And given KizerKaze is trying to re-write his own comment history in regards to Gorilla Glass (look above as his focus changes when he realises he's wrong) I don't think he's the most credible of chaps on this issue!

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