Vodafone Resumes Rolling Out Jelly Bean To Nexus S Users After Earlier Issues

After an earlier stumble, Vodafone's Nexus S users can once again get their hands on an over-the-air update to Android 4.1.1 Jelly Bean starting right now.

Jelly Bean started rolling out to Nexus S users almost a month ago. It was live for a few hours before Vodafone stepped in to halt the roll-out after issues emerged surrounding the ability (or lack thereof post-update) to make emergency calls.

Now, after some tinkering, the update is once again available for download. [Vodafone Blog]

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    Over the air update... that can't be downloaded with the useless Vodafone network. Brilliant!

      Relax Tim. Its called Wifi

      Not too practical to download OTA updates over the mobile network on any network IMO. Theoretically possible, but I prefer Wifi.

    Tim Mead - recycling old jokes doesn't really entertain anyone sorry. Voda has had a heap of issues, but IMHO of being a customer, their network performance has improved significantly. I guess I get a little tired of hearing stuff that is old, but I'll leave it to everyone else to make up their own mind.

      Not here. Still terrible here, if not worse.

      These criticisms aren't old. Their network is still awful.

      Just another frustrated Vodafone customer venting; sure, I get 4-5 bars virtually everywhere I go, but that doesn't mean the data connection is even remotely useful. It's a terrible service, and their service guarantee' only applies to new customers.

      Thank you for you honest opinion secret Vodafone PR person.

    Vodafone's network craps all over Optus.. so unless u r on telstra u r pretty much getting screwed.. Stat's how a OptusFAIL is on the cards within 12 months, the rate at which Optus (and all the other brands that use their network) are adding users is outpacing the speed at which Optus can build towers or upgrade existing ones... hence why they have asked VODAFONE to let their customers roam on their towers.. yes i said it.. OPTUS WILL ROAM ON VODAFONE!! I can tell u from experience.. Central Melbourne Optus: 1 bar.. no 3G Vodafone: 4 bars with 3G, Telstra: 5 bars and 3g (of course) so if u r gonna bag a network maybe you should bag the right one!

    I thought I would post somewhere that my Nexus S got the Jelly Bean update OTA yesterday. Downloaded and installed in about 5 minutes via 3g. I am in Melbourne Australia, using Optus.

    Google Now seems like a great feature... I'm sure it will get better with time, once it tracks my activities and browsing history, etc.

    The only downside I can see so far is that my battery life seems to have drop by about half. this is a bit concerning.... I'll have to check the settings bit more closely, but it definitely doesn't last as long... maybe only about 8 hrs , with wifi and GPS off.

    it is nice to be on the latest version of Android quite quickly... that's why I bought a nexus :-)

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