uTorrent Quietly Announces Ad-Support And Gets Ready To Make A Bunch Of Cash

Torrenting, despite its many legitimate uses, has always had its reputation plagued by the rampant piracy it allows. Get ready for that all to get drudged up again because uTorrent, a very popular client, just announced it's getting ad-support.

Ad-supported torrent clients aren't unheard of, but uTorrent is something of a giant in its field. With over 125 million active users per month, uTorrent is a juggernaut, so adding ads is probably going to make some serious dough. uTorrent already makes around $US15 to $US20 million with its optional tool bar, and uses that money to support parent company BitTorrent Inc. Built-in ad-support stands to seriously boost that number.

Of course, uTorrent is a legal client and ad-support is a legal means of revenue, but considering the program is so widely used to pirate copyrighted material for free, you can bet this will make some waves. It does, after all, make torrenting seem a little more sketchy when it's making money for the middlemen, but not content creators. That said, uTorrent deserves some scratch for providing legal services like helping you download a Linux distribution, or one of the many open domain works that are out there in torrent form. But it's a complicated issue, and this won't make it any simpler. [uTorrent via TorrentFreak]


    Gotta wonder if the companies advertising would be held liable considering torrenting (copyrighted material) is an illegal act.
    In the eyes of the legal system/courts it would probably be seen no different than sponsoring a theft.

    Im glad they dont force updates.

    Anyone want to recommend another windows client with web ui? I really don't want ads in my torrent browser.

      Vues. No Ads. http://www.vuze.com

        After uTorrents latest round of issues in their betas (and even some stables) like bad handling of the save as with magnet links, refusal to honor the upload limit. I started looking at Vuze, i tried to like it but its really really hard to, it just doesn't present the torrents in a nice way.

      Transmission is also good

        Deluge is good too. But I use Transmission wherever possible.

        I cant see any windows Transmission client (besides the one on sourceforge that hasn't been updated in 2 years), which is what the op was asking about.

    I stopped using uTorrent when they installed a search engine hijack to my browser ... even though I'd unticked that install option.

    qBittorrent is a free volunteer-developed alternative with a user-friendly interface.

    I dont understand how they think they deserve it?
    The author said something about providing services, which hey wait a minute, since when has it been utorrent providing these services, its P2P, not client-server
    the day they are providing download servers for torrents, then they should be making it ad supported.
    until then, its no different than if mozilla snuck their own ads into firefox

    Ahahaha by profiting off torrents I definitely think they've opened themselves to legal action from copyright peoples!

      Agreed. Talk about painting a target on the back of your head!

    I'll never download utorrent again. Last time they installed stuff that I din't want or authorise. Now whenever I add a new user to chrome a utorrent extension gets added. Frick, it's living somewhere on my machine but buggered if I know where.

    Can we get a gizmodo article on best current torrent programs?

    People still use torrents? Amateurs. Nzbs are where it's at. Ssl encrypted downloads for complete privacy and anonymity. Only morons who are looking at getting caught stick with torrents.

      I'm not paying money to pirate things. If I'm going to pay money I might as well give it to the people that created it in the first place!

    didn't cost me a thing to sign up, free through Internode. Defecates all over torrents.

    Such great lengths to get an hold of low quality media...

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