US Navy Destroyer's Hull Turns To Crumpled Paper In Strait Of Hormuz

This is what happens when a US Navy guided-missile destroyer collides with a Japanese oil tanker. Or gets attacked by Godzilla. It can happen either way. The steel hull just turns into crumpled paper. The Navy hasn't released any explanation of the accident yet.

No injuries were registered in the incident, which happened at night, when the US Navy guided-missile destroyer USS Porter collided with Japanese oil tanker M/V Otowasan, sailing under Panamanian flag.

The destroyer was deployed as part of the 5th Fleet, "conducting maritime security operations and theatre security cooperation efforts."

USS Porter is now at the port of Jebel Ali, in United Arab Emirates, where it arrived on her own power. The ship is now under assessment and awaiting repair.

The US Navy is still investigating the reasons of the collision.

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