Ukraine Officials Shut Down Demonoid To Impress US Government

Just before an official state visit with the US, Ukraine's interior ministry seized all of Demonoid's servers, rendering the torrent site non-functional. Serving the most popular torrent destination following the neutering of The Pirate Bay, TorrentFreak believes the site was a target because Ukraine wanted to prove to the US that they take copyright infringement seriously. Motivation!

This also follows a DDoS attack on the site, which already had people on edge as to what was going on with Demonoid. But this latest incident seems much less temporary than whatever occurred last week. TorrentFreak writes:

A source inside the Interior Ministry has informed Kommersant that the raid on Demonoid was timed to coincide with the very first trip of Deputy Prime Minister Valery Khoroshkovsky‘s trip to the United States. On the agenda: copyright infringement.

Ukraine had promised the United States that it would improve its attitude and efforts towards enforcing copyright and no doubt its Western partner will be very pleased indeed that Demonoid's head has been presented on a platter.

That's definitely a big victory for the US, which operates in the interest of copyright holders, but this very blatant grandstanding by Ukraine makes you question how serious it is about this. Either way, it's time for the pirates to look for a new home. [TorrentFreak]



    That is seriously bad news.


    i used to go on deminod to get EVERYTHING i wanted to watch. now what will i do!

    oh right.,. spend the 1000000000000$ i don't have to watch something i could get for free before.

      Oh dear. You have to live within your means. Welcome to the real world.
      Even if this move was made for some political grandstanding, it is a move in the right direction.

        I lol'd.
        Troll harder Crowknee :-D

          .....he wasn't trolling you stupid kid....

        yaaaaay for gov troooollllll

        Given All life is the same life at superposition - Everyone owns all the copyright at superposition so it isnt a move in the right direction if your belief system is detrimental to the future.

    hang on what happened to the pirate bay again?

    And Americans wonder why the world hates them with a passion.

      America didn't shut it down.

    Did it get a pat on the head for being a good boy?

    Sweden would never similarly deliver up Julian Assange on a plate to the USA!

    The Pirate Bay never died,maybe it was down a week or so LOL @ the US

    It's still there ,fighting for real freedom :P

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