Turn Your iPad Into A Sexy-Looking Telepresence Robot For $US2000

Turn Your iPad Into A Sexy-Looking Telepresence Robot For $US2000

The world is a dangerous place. Full of stabby things with degenerates attached to them and illnesses that leap onto you thanks to an errant stranger’s cough on a train or bus. Blerg. If you’re afraid of the outside world like I am, then the sleek-looking telepresence robot powered by your iPad from Double Robotics’ is for you.

Dubbed the Double (no relation to the breadless KFC burger), it works by plugging your iPad into a pole stand attached to a pair of wheels that act like a Segway might. The pole is extendable — presumably for towering over people — and the wheels are battery powered.

You control the device with another iPad from the comfort of your own home, and thanks to the sleek design, you’ll probably get a lot of compliments between the odd stare or two.

The only problem is that it weights just 7 kilos, meaning there’s nothing stopping anyone who fancies a Double of their own picking up your little robot and stealing it. It’s like being botnapped.

This stylish little telepresence robot would normally cost $US2499, but the preorder price is just $US1999. The pre-orders are sold out for now, but stay tuned to Double Robotics’ website for info. [Double Robotics via Digital Trends]