Tocal Recall Tickets: Who Won?

Tocal Recall Tickets: Who Won?

We had over 100 great entries for our 15 double passes to Total Recall, which opened yesterday. So who gets the free pass to a post-Third World War Earth divided into two territories: the United Federation of Britain and The Colony (formerly good old Australia)? Here are the winners…

Congrats and don’t forget to watch the movie at Event Cinemas VMAX for the best action!

Houser My ideal trip to Mars would start with a memory wipe which replaces my history replace it with memories in which I am a construction worker named Quaid happily married to my beautiful wife Lori. After troubling dreams about Mars I decide to go for a virtual vacation to the red planet in which I play a secret agent on his way to depose a tyrannical regime – except, partway through the memory implantation (or so I think …) I break free from my shackles and escape from the people suddenly trying to kill me. It turns out my wife was an agent all along after she tries to kill me – not to mention my Harry from work was there – and find a message left by my pre-memory-wipe self that sends me to Mars. In short, I get the girl, kill the bad guys and sign over the rights to a film of my life that’s to be directed by a crazy Dutchman named Paul. Paul and I provide hilarious, non-insightful commentary on this film (which also stars me as me playing me – both Quaid and Houser), I become president of the world, have a secret love child and everyone lives happily ever after.

Musky My implanted memory would be about the time Buffy and I tracked down a nest of vampires and slew their leaders, Edward and Bella, then joined Willow at band camp, good times…

Jim I was going to write something amazing and exciting but screw it, I’d just browse reddit all day like the bum I am.

MrTaco My ultimate holiday… ends here. The last ~25 years were all a dream, I’m my younger self now armed with the power of extreme foresight.

Jonathan My ultimate Rekall holiday memory implant would be a night out with Arnold Schwarzenegger and Colin Farrell.

p.possum Ultimate virtual vacation would have to be some kind of ‘last of us’ or ‘I am legend’ (sans-Will Smith) scenario. Post-apocalyptic, action-adventure, maybe a young Ellen Page type in-tow. For company, of course. Sounds alright.

Tocal Recall Tickets: Who Won?

Ames My virtual vacation will be a Panda cub on a island of Victoria secret models

Faisal My virtual vacation would be exploring 16th century Istanbul/Constantinople as Ezio Auditore. I’d climb up the Hagia Sophia and watch the sunset whilst eating some Turkish baklava with honey sweetened milk.

Daniel My Total Recall would be jet setting into Space with an extremely fine glass of Whiskey in my hand.

mhz ultimate implant would be to be insterted into a world like that of the Matrix, with awesome super powers and the ability to learn anything just by inserting a disk!

Sanchez My ultimate implant would be to be with my family in america for the world seris of baseball, the superbowl and comic-con

Mark B My ultimate holiday memory implant would be visiting a planet previously unvisited by any human beings.

MooseT Somewhere with sunshine, fast cars, cocktails, and parties.

MotorMouth A Spitfire pilot in the Battle of Britain. I wouldn’t want to be given any special skills, just the opportunity to go one-on-one with someone trying their hardest to shoot me down in a situation where the technology wouldn’t determine the outcome, so much as my own skill and wits.

Fake MotorMouth My ultimate holiday memory would be everybody in the world (except me) turning into evil mutant sheep people. Then I could shout from the rooftops “I was right! I tried to warn you all!”

Tocal Recall Tickets: Who Won?
Tocal Recall Tickets: Who Won?