TIE Fighter: Free To A Good Home

Apparently a guy in Salt Lake City named Valter (Darth Valter?) had no takers on his original price of $US150 for a 1/3 replica TIE Fighter, because he's lowered the price to a cool zero dollars. So if you're swinging by Salt Lake City on business in the next few days, call Valter ASAP to get something totally amazing for absolutely no money. And then bring it to me.

Here's Valter's pitch from Craiglist:

Approximately 1/3 scale TIE Fighter. 8x8x8 feet but breaks down into 5 pieces for easy transport in a pickup or can haul partially assembled (except for the top half of the wings) on a trailer. Wheeled casters make it easy to move once assembled. Laser cannons are set to fire standard party poppers. Well built out of 3/4 plywood with the wings sheeted in cardboard. Tested to hold over 300 pounds. Cockpit is 38 inches by 38 inches and my 5ft tall son comfortably sits inside.

Solve the problem of the ocean between you and the US and it's yours!


    Man, that would be cool if it had wheels disguised in the solar panels and electric motors and tank controls to drive it.

    i think he should donate to the big bang theory, and let them do an episode with it (do a twist on the episode plot where they fought over the time machine, possibly even include the LOTR ep....

    Compared to the real thing it's a very poor effort.

      I disagree. However if you'd like to post up YOUR replica Tie Fighter, I'd be happy to pass a critical eye over it.

        Be honest Adam...would you really like to have these grey painted slapped together blocks of wood as a memento of star wars? Your geeky friends would just laugh at you. You actually don't think you could do a better job yourself?

          Hey I have the Rebel Alliance insignia tattooed on my hip and I'd still rather have a 1/3 TIE Fighter in my garage for geek points.

    Neil, Adam never suggested he could do a better job, you suggested YOU could do a better job. You need to work on your Engrish.

      Tony, I could most certainly do a better job. I would actually make it look like a Tie fighter. As far as my argument is concerned, you need to read it again. There is nothing wrong with my Engrish, just something wrong with your comprehension. Think before you jump and say something inane...

    Tony and Adam, you do realise nobody wanted it at $150 and now it's free? Why? Because it's soo good? Case closed.

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