This Sure Looks Like Apple's New iPhone Cable


    " It certainly looks designed by Apple"
    Why? Because it's White? (Have Apple patented "White" now!)

    I think it looks pretty Fugly especially with the bare terminals at the device end.

      I think they're referring to the dock end looking like other apple cables, with tapered edges to it.

      Settle down buddy!

      Now now, you're putting a bad name to our Stevo over at Kotaku.

      aww.. did ur droid feelings got hurt??

        Uncalled for. Don't turn everything into a polarized flame war. People can be idiots without being 'Fandroids' and 'iTards'.

          "People can be idiots without being ‘Fandroids"

          I thought it was a prerequisite when commenting on Apple stories.

            You completely missed my point SO well, I think you should get some kind of award.

      Reduce yourself to a panic steve....wasnt aware usb cables had to fashionable

    Uhh, because it looks exactly like the current iPhone cable but with a small dock connector.

    Also, though not patented, which other smart phones use white cables? Useless comment is useless.

    Because it makes the story interesting for debating. LOL....

    Because USB is so bad, or because everyone else uses it ?

      So you want Apple to be like the other Sheeple then? I didn't know making your cable, the way you wished to, was made illegal now.BTW, have a look at the other end. USB I believe?

        Need to get someone in here to take some points off you for that 'sheeple' comment there Kroo. Are you aware how sick to death everyone is of that word?

    I wouldn't be surprised if there was a thunderbolt cable for the IP5.. Having such an insane transfer speed would be a (+) for me. Imagine being able to update your itunes &/or copy a TV show to your device quick enough that you could do it in under a m inute; right before you leave for work. That'd be cool.

    wow... amazing stuff...a cable

    show me one without cables, and then i'll be impressed.

      You can sync now without cables.....

        Yeeeaaaah not what I think he meant there, champ

    13 comments on an alleged cable? No wonder there are so many apple stories. Fans and foes can't help but click and comment

    Stevo calm the hell down. Of course it looks like another iPhone cable. Although I am surprised that Apple haven't attempted to put a patent in for the colour white.

    All of the AF technology in the world and we still get fuzzy pictures...

    my htc one x has a white cable....


    LOUD NOISES!!!!!!

    The cable, cable colour and collar look the same as my genuine ipad/iphone cables.

    Ive never seen a clone cable look anything like an Apple cable, and i do agree it looks legit.

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