This Quadrocopter Is Being Used In WA To Exterminate Unreachable Weeds

This is how to sort out a rooftop garden from the ground floor. Western Australian gardeners have loaded up a quadrocopter with a weed sprayer and a camera to travel high in the trees and eradicate the problematic Sydney Golden Wattle trees.

This particular quadrocopter is actually custom-built by a local man who spent 18-months and around $1000 to get it off the ground.

The only problem is the battery. Aerial gardeners will have six minutes to find their targets, spray them and return the quadrocopter to Earth before the battery dies. I don't know about you, but I'd want to fly this thing all day. [ScienceWA]

Image: Mr. Bill The Cat



    If only all tasks in life could be completed with a quadcopter.

      Someone come up with a better longer lasting battery and your dreams can come true

    When you say 'this' quadcopter....where is the this you refer to?

    Possibly my browser settings.......but all I can see is a picture of grass that is not hiding a video link.



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