This Mini-Vase Looks Poised To Dart Across Your Living Room

Let's say that you wanted to set up your living room so that everything looked like it was being subjected to a gale-force wind. Or one where everything looks like it's trying to escape at high speed. This is the perfect vase for your absurd fantasies.

This Rosenthal porcelain vase, part of a very distinct series, has an extremely weird, but also awesome design. It's very porcupine-like (porcupine-ine?). It's also technically a mini-vase, and clocks in at a mere four inches tall. The rest of the furniture in you house might not be appropriately wind-blown to match, but if your going to start somewhere, it might as well be with one of these babies. You can pick one up for roughly $US27 at Design 3000. [Design 3000 via bookofjoe]

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