Map Of America Shows Every US State's Stereotype Using Google Autocomplete

When you punch into Google, why is California so... Google autocomplete will show you liberal, broke, anti-gun and expensive. For New York? Great, populated, expensive and big. Alabama? So racist, so good, so good at football and so obese. This is the United States of America, according to Google autocomplete.

Renee DiResta, the girl who made the map (and you should definitely check it out), was curious about what Americans thought about other states so she plugged in the same sentence for every state "Why is STATE so ___ " and let Google autocomplete the rest. It's freaking hilarious.

Common phrases I've noticed among multiple states: the coastal states are so liberal, the southern states are so racist, the populous states are so expensive, the middle states are so poor and so boring and too many states are so fat and so humid. Texas, those horn tooters, leads the way with the best stereotype of "so awesome" whereas North Carolina and Alaska tie for the loser award for being "so bad this year" (NC) and "so seismically active" (AK). Check out the map and see if the stereotypes of your state matches up with its reality. [No Upside via Neatorama]



    O.K. I'm from Adelaide so I'll start this off,

    Why is South Australia.....
    So boring
    So poor
    So stoned
    So murderous

      Haha, another Adelaidian.
      I'd agree with the stoned bit, but it's not as bad as you'd think.
      I'd replace two of yours with:

      - So underrated
      - So delicious (referring to the amazing restaurants that fill the town!)

    Why is Canberra
    So cold
    So boring
    So expensive

    (did canberra because ACT would take it as the word as well)

    Why is the state of Victoria so (i had to use "state of" because without that it wasn't to do with Victoria) miserable skinny expensive hot

    The question that springs to mind is who the hell thinks Victoria is hot...

      hot????? it must be those ACT people

      maybe it's the people that are hot

    Why is Queensland...
    so corrupt
    so important to Australia
    so hot
    getting so much rain


    Why is NSW....

    So Difficult
    So Gay?
    So Great?
    So much better the South Australia in the AFL (seriously??)

    Why is Australia ...
    So Expensive
    So dry
    So racist
    So Boring

    According to the same on really.

      Not what I got:

      Why is Australia...
      The lucky country
      So expensive
      Prone to drought
      Post so slow
      green and gold
      A constitutional monarchy
      Better than England...

    Why is Gizmodo...
    So Slow.

    Why is Western Australia... big hot

    I think that's the best one so far.

    Why is New Zealand:
    - So good at rugby
    - Nuclear free
    - Better than Australia

    No jks :)

    Why is the Northern Territory...
    ...not a state
    ...a territory

    Seriously, that's it.

    Hahaha, some brilliant ones here.
    But did anyone notice what happens if you just type in "why is"

    ...the sky blue
    ...the ocean salty poop green

    Why is Perth:

    -so shit

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