This Is What The iPad Mini Might Look Like

A smaller iPad is supposedly, probably, maybe coming. The smoke on the rumoured 7.85-inch iPad Mini is so thick now that it seems like it's going to be a real thing by Cupertino. But with new rumours of it taking a different shape to the iPad, what would it look like?

Nickolay Lamm of InventHelp updated the renders of the iPad Mini next to the current iPad and adjusted the dimensions to the new reports of the upcoming iPad Mini having a suoer-thin bezel.

Remember, these photos just show mockups of rumoured specifications that have been floating around -- a 7.85-inch display, the new mini-dock port, the thin bezel -- but from the rendered looks of it, it definitely looks like something that fits with the rest of the iOS family.

Does the smaller size interest you? The smaller iPad is expected to be announced on September 12 along with the iPhone 5 -- or possibly in a separate event in October.

Images: Nickolay Lamm/Inventhelp



    I am definately buying this, and a Kindle Fire 2 as well. I have a 64gb IPhone and am getting a 64gb S3 Black/Red/ or Blue when it is released. So many choices, a 7 inch KF 2 or a 9 inch? Do they have different features, or specs? Only September will tell, lol.

    In the word according to Jobs the very mention of different sized tablets or phones would be heretical. At any rate these articles read too much like ads.

    Mini Ipad... Exactly what ive been waiting for. I have Samsung Tab 7.0. Love the size but prefer IOS over Android. YES Android is more open and can do alot more but i use my cmputer for that stuff.. I just want a nice small smooth operating Tablet. Mini iPad ticks all the boxes.

    So wait, the iPad Mini is just going to look like the iPad, but smaller? Wow! /s

      Beat me to the mark on this one. I'm just as shocked as you are! :oP

        lol +1

      So a galaxy tab 10.1 is just going to look like like the galaxy tab 7,7.7,8.9 but just bigger? Wow!

      Troll much?

        It's more about having a laugh at media for necessitating the need of an article on what the ipad mini might look like, with picture and everything. I mean, it's an ipad, and it's mini. What else is it going to look like?!!

        Why would you think he's trolling? lol. It's a legitimate point. *GASP* the mini ipad looks like the larger ipad. Big surprise. It's not like any of us thought any differently? Is it? Seriously chill out.

    Well I'll be darned.
    It looks exactly like a ... well .. iPad.. only mini..
    Who'd have thunk it?

      Can't decide if mini ipad or larger iphone... it's kinda stuck in limbo there...

    The iPadMini might look like a small iPad?! STOP THE PRESS!!!!

    Does the iPad mini come with a sheet of sandpaper in the box? I've heard a roumor that I'll need to sand my fingers down to use anything with a screen smaller than 9.7inches. Is this correct?

    That is the most amazing thing . No , actually its not.

    Hmmm Mini ipad or 7" ipod.. what to choose!!

    And yet, it'll outsell all Android tablets out there. :)

    Unless the ipad, shoots for smaller it will be a fail, after all the ipad mini, needs to displace the Nexus 7 which is the hottest device in the 7" space, which is a pocketable device, go any larger and you have to buy special clothing to call it pocketable, and thats what the mini device's are, otherwise everyone is already in the 9.8" and above space.

    Also if apple dont ditch there current screen ratio, it will be hard for them to compete against the 7" devices, because there specific ratio that apple uses, makes them wider then the equivalent android device due to the different screen ratio used.

    Apple are behind in the smaller tablet form factor, and so in order compete, they are either going to change the form factor in order to compete, or are going to release a device, that requires a girls handbag, which raises the question why wouldnt you just stick with the 9.7" ipad if you need a bag to carry it arround, instead of your pocket or smaller ladies bag.

    Apple win if they can do the following, pocketable, Longer battery life compared to size class screen on or near 7" , using a 16:9 or 16:10 ratio instead of there current ratio, as used with the ipad 1,2,3

    I understand that this screen ratio is part of the apple device success, but when you gown down in size it's a looser, because as you go smaller the way you treat your device changes, i.e in your pocket, instead of your bag

    beyond that, apple might have a big issue if there screen ratio is locked to all the apps in the app store, because that will be a constraint otherwise to adopting the best ratio to the mini form factor.

    If they dont have an a5x chip in the mini, or better, then the Nexus 7's tegra 3 will be the goto gamers mini tablet

      I think you're wrong. Everyone will buy it... because it's apple.

    ipad mini, sounds like a feminine hygiene product to me...just saying..

    So Apple sued Samsung for copying the shape of the iPhone. Why can't the rest of the world sue Apple for the size of tablets?

    Here I was thinking an Ipod would have been the mini Ipad. Wouldn't the 7" model then be a midi Ipad?

    Seriously tho, if it comes out looking like a clone of the 7" Galaxy tab, I 'm going to choke on the irony of the whole thing.

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