This Is What the Future of the British Navy Looks Like

The Royal Navy’s next generation of warship has been revealed, showing exactly the sort of sleek, minimal design you’d expect from something set to enter service in the distant future year of 2021.

The Navy’s new vessels, which will be referred to in their instruction manuals as the Type 26 Global Combat Ship, will replace the current Type 23 frigates. They’re 148 metres long, packed with vertical missile silos and designed to carry Merlin or Wildcat helicopters.

The key upgrade is the inclusion of a Mission Bay. This spare universal hangar can house any future piece of specialist machinery, whether that’s an unmanned aerial or sea drone, additional landing boats or a massive supply of raincoats to take to the next flood-struck victims of global warming.

The Type 26 will be built in the UK, and now the external design’s done, the next step is to develop and approve the internal tech spec of the ship, deciding on such critical issues as where the Wi-Fi hotspots will be and how many plug sockets should go in each bedroom. [BBC]

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    Great until some nation decides that kamikaze drones are in fact a good idea. A bit of AI, some laser guidance and your navy is gone. During the Falklands war a single smallish missile took out a war ship.

      Isn't a kamikaze drone just a missile... they've been around for ages...

      You good sir have just described a missle...

    A Kamikaze drone! Shit just got real.

    Errr... what April may have missed is this:
    Exocets (the nasty missles that took out the ships in the Falklands) home via radar. And they require a good radar paint to hit the ship. You might notice the very angular look of the ship, which like the newer US and Australian vessels under design are designed to be stealthy. So Exocets and such are going to be having a harder time finding your ship

    And the Exocet is not a smallish missle.
    Weight 670 kilograms (1,500 lb)
    Length 4.7 metres (15 ft 5 in)
    Diameter 34.8 centimetres (1 ft 1.7 in)
    Warhead 165 kilograms (360 lb)
    All of the above and the kinetic engery they hit with is enough to disable and or sink small to medium size ships. But not always:

    Who is designing future ships when their won't be sufficient means to push them through water :S

    Also, some people have thought of how to handle "kamakaze drones" before:

    I wonder if it has cable TV?

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