Leaked iPhone 5 Parts Fit Perfectly Into Leaked Chassis

We've seen this rumoured two-tone, elongated unibody design so many times that it'll be surprising if the next iPhone doesn't look like this. And now we have even more possible evidence that this really is the next iPhone: the leaked parts that popped up on Friday fit perfectly inside the leaked iPhone body that's been floating around.

I'm no maths genius but I do know what one plus one equals and if assembling rumoured parts into a rumoured case works out exactly as a real production model is supposed to... well then that's pretty darn convenient! Or I guess perhaps a very random coincidence? Either way, here's what iResq, the folks who put this iPhone together, have to say:

We were able to fit the docking port and headphone jack assembly that we showed you on Friday into the new iPhone's frame/back casing. The docking port and headphone jack assembly seemed to fit perfectly inside of the frame. One of our technicians was even able to screw the assembly into the pre-aligned screw holes inside of the frame. All of the threading and screw holes lined up perfectly with the screw holes in then docking port/headphone jack assembly.

As you can see, the iPhone above is the one we've seen everywhere complete with new dock connector port, bottom headphone jack, drilled holes and lengthened body. You know it just as well as the iPhone 4S at this point. OK, you don't? Here's what a more complete version looks like:

Again, we don't know for sure if this is truly the next iPhone (and we won't find out for sure until September 12th) but the smoke is getting so thick on this design that it's very probably the fire. Or a flame. Or at least a burning log. Check out more pictures at iResq. [iResq]



    hopfully this is because i was disipointed when they brang out the 4s insted of the 5 (or new iPhone)


        LOL @ you John , Adolf Syntax over there...


        I think at this point it would be best to throw out the entire sentence and start again.

      *Hopefully, this is it because I was disappointed when they brought out the 4S as opposed to the "5" (or new iPhone) last year, and I hope they don't pull the same stunt this year.

      No way that's the new iPhone, Apple would never let its customers simply replace a battery without buying a new phone..
      Geez, next they'll be implementing micro usb and SD expansion. but of course, why would anyone want a $20 sd card when they can spend an extra $200 for more storage

        you do know it's just as easy to replace the battery in the current iphones right?

    meh...looks like any other iphone....yawn....

    Thats not a iphone, thats a galaxy s2.

      This comment has been deemed inappropriate and has been deleted.

      Apple would sure love to have you in the court room to help their case. It looks exactly like the iPhone 4/4S.

    Gawd this detective stuff is getting old. I so dearly hope this is all just an elaborate prank so that there's something interesting left at the bottom of this whole, long, drawn out farce.
    A great big prank... Please be a prank!


      Thats what apple did last year. A good old prank.

    mannnnnn us android fanboyz sure can be critical ^.^ Im a Galaxy SII (a pretty awesome phone) user but even then, I think Apple is trying to catch up... ever since the death of one of the greatest visionaries, they might've slowed down but they are catching up. By the way to those who think Apple is "copying", let me tell u something. Apple is both hardware and software - its phone belongs to ONE company. Android is like Microsoft it licenses its software to MANY MANY hardware companies. So its obvious that its going to be tough to compete, since android hardware (almost every month) are releasing something. Due to these frequent releases, of course, new ideas (8+MP cameras, quad-core) are kind of hard for Apple to release something innovative. From their late releases, it is obvious. Next time, anyone talks shit about Apple think about it very carefully... By the way, anyone who wants to critisize me go ahead. Next time, think a little more analytically about this stuff. I am just a next kid who appreciates the technology :P

      for shizzle!
      Used both and Apple is far better for me because i have all apple products. Yeah the iphone is behind but it's OS and apps are far ahead of androids.

      again it's the PC vs Mac battle all over again, but I'll stick with Mac. I'll take quality over quantity.

        You know, I used to think that, but my wife bought me a Nexus7 the other day, my first Android device after being hardcore IOS. Not only is there a cheaper/better alternative to every app I have on my 4s but the OS has stacks of real usable features over IOS. Its almost a whitewash for me, If Apple doesn't step up in a real big way for iPhone5, I'm jumping ship for sure!

        You guys understand! Thank the heavens LOL! Yeah u guys actually have had the best of both worlds and are making pretty rational arguments unlike fanboyz who complain that Apple and Samsung suck... I can guarantee that half of them haven't even touched the other phone. And ur right, its PC vs Mac, all over. Though I use PC and love it, I find Macs better. Trust me, once Apple gets their act together and catches up, they have a nice chance of dominating

      One thing that Apple has got perfect is their laptop lineup. Retina MacBook anyone?

    If the truth of this new iphone is maintained by 4 inch of screen size by extending of it length, may be i have to switch to other smartphone of galaxy note that screen size is 5.3 inches.

      bs, there are much better ultrabooks on the market than the apple offerings.

      ICS and Jellybean runs rings around iOS.

        Depends on what apps you use. A lot of apps are still not available on Andriod and WP. I have to a Galaxy Nexus and iPhone for this reason.

    If this is the iPhone 5 or the new iPhone or whatever they call it, it is not even near to the expectation everyone is having for the past 2yrs and more. It has no re-design, no class that AAPL brings to its devices. I pray this is not the next iPhone as its just a elongated iPhone 4S.
    And if at all it is then my money does not go to AAPL.

      are you blind? The screen size is completely different from any other iphone before it, the actual height of the phone is significantly different from the iphone 4/4S, the phone is thinner as well. I say overall design-wise don't fix what isn't broken..

    I really hope this isn't the next iPhone. From the company that bought design back to technology, this phone looks about 3 years out of date. I think they should call it the iPhone 4r, where 'r' is for retro.

    Its a galaxy s2 replica :-P

    If this is the next IPhone, I am sorely disappointed. Im sure it will have some awesome featurse, but ffs, the design looks like they got lazy and didn't really bother trying to make a decent go of it. I have been an Iphone user since the 3G version (couldn't afford the original when it came out) and I love my IPhone. I just wish (based on the above design being correct) that they had put more effort into the design of it. Still can't wait for the keynote though :)

    I wonder if there not changing the design completely due to the current litigation. Almost like the shape and design represents Apple. Instantly recognisable as an iPhone. Just a thought.

    a longer iphone doesn't make sense to me. it looks funny. reminds me of the droid razor x.

    hey that battery looks like you could almost change it yourself?

    The next one could be an iPhone 4GS.

    not calling fake, but pointing out that the lines on the inside of the back face of the case that are apparently a result of the machining process appear different to other photos that have been released. thick sloppy lines on this case whereas the other one had thin even lines.

    To be honest I just want them to announce the thing so it puts an end to all these leak and rumour posts. I'm looking forward to the device, but the coverage is overwhelming.

    Depends what you want, A workhorse or showpony.

      I like how'd they've kept the essense of the previous design but improved things like screen size and introducing things like Gorilla glass v2, super-thin screen touch built into the LCD panel, most likely a quad-core cpu, improved camera/flash capability... I'd imagine they'll be showing a feature that hasn't been done before as well.

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